Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


At its core, VGHS has always been that of the clash between the real world of adults and the insulated world of youth. Its a familiar trope seen in many works of fiction, but with the twist of presenting video games as these modern day Neverlands that are increasingly realistic and accepted by the society at large. In the previous seasons, the show was concentrating on building this world of escapism, but mention of the real world consequences of that fantasy only in passing and without organization. But in this season, reality comes crashing down onto VGHS and it makes for a really good series.
The confrontations in this season, forces the characters to grow in very real and believable ways but its really Ted, who gets the MVP in my book. The cartoonish, one-dimensional, idiot-sidekick persona is given an origin story in episode 4 (I think) this season and it totally works. That entire episode is brilliant in so many respects, but, if I had to pick a favorite component, it would have to be Ted’s (the actor’s) acting. The challenge of Ted (the character) is great - he is struggling very hard between his inner turmoil and the comic mask he usually hides behind - yet Ted (the actor) vacillates between both sides of that character with incredible deftness. There are so many great moments for Ted (the actor/character) this season that I wouldn’t be surprised if they started calling the Acting Award for the Webbys, the Teddys from now on.
I could go on and on about the great acting, directing, everything this season, but I don’t want to turn this into a 3.5 essay. But I was just so compelled to write this, because I honestly am surprised (in a good way) that the team that makes VGHS had grown and matured enough to elevate the series from a fleeting entertainment that was “internet good” to an honest-to-god piece of art with a thesis that really speaks to me and my friends.

PS. Ellarly Porterfield (Ki) has got the best faces in the biz. I’m definitely going to tumblr to find Ki face gifs.
PPS. Binged all of it in one night. I wonder how much that changes the experience.
PPPS. Is it just me or has rate of girl punching boy in mouth gone up significantly since Hermione?
PPPPS. Social Gaming girl’s accent? was it Irish? Southern (American [USA])?
PPPPPS. The LAW is the best in these small, insane, doses.


That resolution was totally a deus ex machina. But c’mon those 64 oz cans looked stupid. Who would want to drink out a paint can? where’s the handle? how do I prevent spillage? The Pizzas would’ve lost all their money anyways. : D


Ok I have always wanted to know this is it part of Ki’s role to widen her eyes or is just a habit of Ellary’s?


I also binged the entire season yesterday and it was truly glories! I agree with many of you in here, this season was a great mix between season one and two.
But i have a question i hope someone can answer. In the beginning of episode six right… was that a new Protomen jam???


What ever happened to the Varsity team that was disqualified in season 2? Did they just leave the school when that happened? It is the same school year after all. They would have been a huge help for the final battle.


Well the sniper went to Yale and I’m guessing since they couldn’t play for the rest of the season they left or are just not shown


And also yes it is still the same year as seasons 1 and 2


Because I’m lame I caught a sandwich continuity error when Calhoun is talking to Brian with a sandwich the lettuce disappers between shots HAHAHA


Maybe we should have a noir mystery to find out where it’s gone.


A totally unecessary one at that



Nah, sauce boss ate the other sandwich in between takes.


Thats a pretty big sandwich to eat between takes


Watched season 3 last night. I also thought the finale was missing something.

This season OverDfrifted head-first into full-on teen drama. I don’t mind the transition into a drama because VGHS has done a good job establishing solid characters. I read somewhere that VGHS wanted to encapsulate the “high school experience” (i.e., drinking, sex, first love) in this season. It swung on all three, and I think it struck out.

Drinking? A couple subtle shots showed BrianD’s uneasiness with alcohol, but that’s it. The FPSers didn’t taunt him or pressure him about it. Knowing the dynamic between BrianD and the FPSers at that time,they certainly should have. Wished they got more out of this.

Sex? There’s a throwaway gag where BrianD mistakes Jenny’s “needing to see him” as sexual innuendo, but it’s completely forgotten. Nobody ever has any sex or ever really mentions it. Funny enough, the (very) few times it is mentioned (“You’ve seen Ki naked?” and “Sexually appropriate” come to mind) it is hilarious. Wish they got more out of this.

First love? The entire season was about throwing a wrench into the idyllic first love stories of Ki/Ted (KT) and Jenny/Brian (JB). I felt good about KT and disappointed with JB. KT endures the election and Freddie’s death; JB endures…the professional aspirations of a sophomore? KT forced two cartoonishly positive people to confront injustice, sin, and death; JB forced boyfriend/girlfriend to consider the idea that one may have to move away. Ki and Ted went through real, tangible change and came to some kind of conclusion. Jenny and BrianD acknowledged their issues–the apex being Jenny’s “sociopath” speech–then do nothing about it. Jenny’s dream implies that she will happily choose gaming over BrianD, but we see absolutely nothing about how her decision to go pro affects her or BrianD. Jenny accepts Frenchie’s offer without hesitation or thought–she and BrianD exchange a trite goodbye–then it cuts straight to the epilogue without showing any aftermath.

The story of BrianD and Jenny–which used to be and presumably still is the “A” plot–isn’t the only time I felt like the finale dropped the ball. I really liked the N64 setup and was 100% ready to watch a fan-servicing action sequence where the various gamer-types contributed their unique talents into Field of Fire. Instead, there were a couple lame fighter kills, a lackluster DK drift, and a whole lot of dying. The worst offense was Ted’s shining moment: weaving the truck around with no discernible purpose before getting promptly sniped. I only supposed much later that Ted managed to drive them near the bomb site, but they never mentioned this as his goal nor did they make it feel like his getting them there was an epic accomplishment. Not acknowledging his achievement (if there was any) was disappointing and belittled his participation in N64 in my eyes. Same goes for everyone except Calhoun, Ki, BrianD and Jenny.

I don’t mean to just criticize. There was plenty of the humor that endeared VGHS to me. This season did have some new video game culture (VGC) references for a few quick laughs–JRPGs, “social” gamers–but new VGC material seemed few and far between. Overall, I think this season had at least as many laughs as 1 and 2.

I enjoyed Season 3 and I don’t regret buying it. But I probably won’t watch it again.There was a lot of dramatic setup that didn’t seem to get resolved, and it’d bother me to rewatch it and re-experience that feeling of un-fulfillment.


For me season 3 was great. Had no intention to binge, but it happened. All 6 episodes, at once. Personally, Episode two was the best of the whole series. The lighting in that episode alone was crazy good. Great storytelling, and performances. And Benji was so good as Games this season, Games was kind of over-acted in earlier seasons.
Episode 4 was good. I struggled with the death of Freddie not being too much of a surprise, yet I feel that lack of surprise is what they wanted. Also, not that Jimmy didn’t act well in that episode, his character just was not quite the best. I get he does not want to cope with the death and it’s effects, but not much of the performances showed this in a way that wasn’t obvious. Not that that is Jimmy’s fault, Ted is just not a character that can go as deep as needed to get an emotional response from the viewer. And I always prefer if writing can stay away from a “Rubber Ducky” approach but, this strategy is best when doing TV for a younger audience. I do not think anything could have been done to make the episode better, and it was great for the story overall.
That’s it for negative thoughts.
The two shots that stick with me as a young filmmaker the most are the lunch bag on the ground after the sex talk (Hilarious, great choice) and the RPG going over the fight in the final action scene. Both were just amazing shots. And the final action scene was probably one of the best ever done. If you can find another action scene on YouTube that can beat that final epic battle, then I would love a link. Just so glad that I live in a time where filmmakers are able to take risks, and when they take these risks they nail it.
Hats off to everyone at RJ, you blew my mind with this third season. I will not think twice before supporting you guys in whatever you do in the future.


The only problem I had with The Law was that he didn’t come in sooner in Epi6. When they were making the team I was pulling my hair out waiting for The Law to come in. Also, I somewhat expected something romantic to happen between both Law’s at the end. They seemed to clearly have some sort of feelings towards one another. Considering the character is self-centered and who would The Law love more, THAN THE LAW?


I was expecting them to get sued over the 64oz can and lose the school that way. And a Deus Ex Machina is not always the worst. If it fits in the story (as it did) I find it to be perfect.


For those who wanted to know what the song was in the S3 Ep: 6 opener


I’m so torn on the ending.

On the one hand I’m incredibly glad they didn’t pussy out of doing a “real” ending. Simple fact of the matter is high school loves are pretty much irrelevant. Sure you hear the occasional story of instant soul-mates but it’s rare. By not wimping out they actually left a real message in there for the kids. I’ve known people who chose their high school sweetheart over university. Seems to always end in at least one ruined life.

On the other hand, WTF HOW COULD YOU DO THAT.

Overall I thought the season was excellent. I lost it laughing when Ellary was suddenly an emo character and made walking simulator games. Johanna & Josh had the best chemistry out of the entire cast (which is to be expected I suppose).

That said, Jimmy was amazing. Those episode 4 feels man.


I want to first say that I loved a majority of Season 3. I just hate that it ended so soon. The characters and school went through a meat grinder to come out stronger on the other side. It is very unfortunate that we didn’t get to see anything post-Napalm, not even a shot of VGHS back to being normal and functioning again. I know this is the final season, but one can still dream, right? I would have loved another two episodes that fleshed out the ending a little bit more and gave closure for each respective character or group.

My biggest complaint was the lack of The Law in Season 3. I know Brian Firenzi moved to London and I actually approve heavily of the random addition of the new Nathan Kress “Law,” but Season 3 needed more of the original Law. We’re talking about The Law here. He is the most quotable and memorable character in the entire series. You either love him or you love to hate him. Not only was he completely nipped out of the entire season, but he also became Ashley and Shane’s lap dog, which is very uncharacteristic for him. Then when he returns, he immediately turns on Ki and his battle for redemption turns into a silly 30 minute long comedic relief gag. That’s all he was this season: a rarely appearing comedic relief character. This was disappointing because he was such a big part of Season 2. He is my favorite character by far and hearing him say anything cracks me up. For instance, even his 15-second Jock Juice commercial had my girlfriend and I rolling and she asked why he isn’t in this season much. “Ughhh! Ughhh! Ughhhh! No, no. It’s a good beverage.” I love The Law. I wish he could have at least gotten revenge on Shane or SOMEONE. He was slighted by quite a few characters and The Law never loses. He did lose, though… and he seemed content with it.

I also wish some side characters were expanded on some, but I realize the time constraints of having this one final season. I would have at least liked a montage of all the characters in the future. Wendell as student president with his classmates finally appreciating him? DK drifting into a parking spot and getting out in medical scrubs for his medical school? The Duchess giving a “good luck in life, my friend” handshake and smile to DK before he leaves as a graduate, showing that the rivalry of the past is over due to what they went through together? Dean Calhoun sitting back in his Dean desk drinking his coffee but with a shiny new diploma/GED from Video Game High School (he finished!)? Jumpin’ Jax and Clutch sitting on a couch eating beef jerky and excitedly watching a movie with a lot of explosions, then high fiving (new best friends?!?)? Games Dean… just being awesome like usual?

I could go on forever. Sorry about that.

I also was disappointed by Jenny pursuing her dream and leaving Brian not because of it happening, but because of the lack of an emotional conversation. “Hey, Jenny. Want to join this FPS team in Paris?” “Yes. …oh, crap, Brian. Didn’t see you there! Do you mind?” I was expecting…a teary-eyed conversation with Brian letting her go despite it killing him. The move was inevitable, though. As much was we wanted Walter White to live or Coach Eric Taylor to not give up on his college football coaching dreams in FNL, Jenny and Brian’s split was inevitable. I just wish Jenny didn’t seem SOOO eager and happy to do it. It’s like she forgot the entire season-long battle with herself over caring more about video games than Brian/people.

All in all, I loved this season. These complaints are the size of a fingernail in reference to the great things about the show. I wish it could go on another 10 seasons. Great work, everyone. The writing, filming, directing, acting… everything got better in Season 3. If there were more seasons, I bet it would have gotten better and better. I also understand, though, that these actors are getting older and they’re getting more valuable. I hope I see every single one of them in something else one day. I also am looking forward to the animated VGHS and the future projects by Rocketjump.


I just wanted to say first off great job to the Rocket Jump team. They did a really good job and this was a really good last season. There were so many different aspects through out the season that I was just blown away. Those feels for episode 4 are real, and the ending for the season was really something. I did have one last question though. When Jenny left for Paris, was that the split of Brian and Jenny? It’s nice to see that Ted and Kia are still there, but I almost feel bad for Brian cause he’s alone again.

Once again though, great job on this season. This is definitely something that I won’t forget.