Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


Definitely something that will probably just be left to our speculation. I would like to that at the end when he sees her on TV and smiles he is happy for her and that through it all they are still together. She is only spending the summer in Paris if I remember correctly and will be back at VGHS her Junior year so I would like to think hope is not lost for Jenny and Brian.


I agree with Marty. It’d be nice if the finale had where-are-they-nows, but it NEEDED what-happened-nexts.

It’s fine that Jenny and Brian don’t end up together, but it’s a cop out and belittles the entire season/series to give their goodbyes and aftermath such lackluster treatment.

As a fan, I felt totally unfulfilled with the ending, and it soured the whole season for me. And it has nothing to do with jenny and Brian breaking up. The whole thing just seemed unfinished. Like “Death Star blows up: roll credits.”

Frankly, I’m surprised that this happened in a series with such strong pacing, character callbacks, and goofy attention to detail.


Calhoun’s speech to Brian in Ep. 5 explains it: 1st relationship, it’s High School. It’s going to end, and you’re going to move on. Happens for High School, College, and to a lesser extent, in employment as an adult. I thought it was a beautiful, if bittersweet way to end the series.


I really enjoyed this season! I bought it last night and watched all of the episodes! I wish this wasn’t the last season and I will miss it. I love your productions Rocket Jump and I can’t wait for your upcoming productions or anything you have in the works!


I thought the Law was at his best middle-to-late Season 2. While he was still comedic relief, the story really made the audience feel for him. I actually started rooting for him vs. Shane as if he was a good guy. You just have to embrace the fact that he is irrational and does whatever he wants at any moment. The scene where he has cereal in one pouch of his backpack and milk in the other, while screaming at Wendell to look at him, will always be one of my favorite scenes of the show.


I don’t understand why people are so shocked about Jenny leaving Brian.

High school relationships are high school relationships. Even as a freshman I knew that. If the ending had been any different, the whole meaning would have been spoiled.

Brian and Jenny’s goodbye did occur on-screen. It was the brief moment before she went with Frenchie. That kind of goodbye suits them.


People are entitled to their opinions. I thought that Jenny leaving for her future was always inevitable. She was so good and her mom as a legend in the sport. However, I was also disappointed by how quickly that goodbye goes by since their relationship was a driving force of the entire show from start to finish. Why does that goodbye suit them as you say?

I had few complaints with this season and this issue is in no way a deal-breaker. I think that most of the rationally thinking people complaining aren’t mad that VGHS didn’t have a fairy-tale ending where Brian and Jenny ended up together. I think they, like me, just wanted a little more of a goodbye; a little more emotion.


Thank god been looking for this song since i watched it!!!


That song is so sad. I don’t know if it was made specifically for VGHS but it fit perfectly.


Isn’t it though really brought out the scene!


I just finished watching the complete season. I loved it. The ending was a bit sad. Rocketjump, plz, make a sequel. I want to know how Brian and Jenny end up.


I completely agree with you.


To your points about teen drama being to simply resolved, I think that is the result of a short season. Shows like Degrassi have these events that have repercussions for a couple of episodes later and that’s like 2-3 weeks IRL. With that understanding, I appreciated those storylines a lot more for changing these characters, at least for an episode or two.


I don’t know the way Jenny and Brian left things was pretty similar to how I broke up with my high school when moving away to college. I was just taken in by the excitement of “growing up” that I didn’t fully consider what that would mean to my exgf. Its shitty and I’m probably a sociapath, but I kind of see where Jenny’s head is. It was very much hinted at that she would leave in the dream sequence of episode 2 when she kills her unicorn and celebrates. Their relationship, her youth, deep down, she’s willing to give all of that up.


An ending like this is good for discussion. Maybe they are attempting a long-distance relationship. Maybe Brian let her go and is happy for her following her dreams. Since Jenny is 16 years old in the show, maybe her leave is only for over the summer and she will back to VGHS for her junior year (how schooling and competitive gaming work together in the show aren’t too deeply explained). We simply don’t know, although the most likely scenario is that she pursued her dreams and Brian was in the way so she dropped him. I can only assume that it just wasn’t as easy for her as it seemed to be at the end of the show.

Open endings are fun for conversation.

Another thing that saddened me was Drift King going into Med School. While you can make a lot of money and help people in that field, DK never mentioned an interest in it. I take that as he was settling for it instead of going to be a competitive gamer in racing. Why? Was he not good enough? Is FPS the only gaming genre that is played competitively? VGHS was made to seem like a place that prepares ALL gamers for a professional career and DK was by far the best racer (when you exclude Ted, who won a couple times and usually utilized shortcuts in those races). I don’t think that part was supposed to make me sad, but it kind of did. I was hoping DK would be able to drift as a career seeing as he loved it so much!

Any thoughts on that by others?


I think it was a little ‘‘too’’ open. I think we can expect something after this, maybe just a 7th episode, to see how they ended up.


True they never do go on to explain the other types of gaming competitively but who knows maybe DK never planned on competing professionally or maybe Med School is something drifters do haha I don’t know but maybe in the future planned animated series we may see or get told what happened to everyone.


I just watched whole season 3. It was so freaking awesome. Though I want to know what happened to Brian and Jenny. Jenny moved to Paris, but will Brian see Jenny again? It is killing me. Rocketjump, please make a season 4 or a movie…


Me to just watched whole season yesterday. this was the last of their VGHS Project . they will now moveon to make new projects which i think they will tell us later this year or next! . As a huge fan of VGHS Iam Missing VGHS i hope they will make projects like VGHS .


We want 6 seasons and a movie!!