Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


I know. Still, I would love to see what happens next to everyone. Maybe just a 7th episode for season 3.


Only 6 seasons? I want even more :wink:


Yeah i agree and maybe it’s just me that i think that VGHS S3 ending should be little more elaborated!


The ending is fine. It leaves you wondering and wanting more, which is perfect.
And 6 Seasons? :stuck_out_tongue: You guys do realize half the cast is hitting their 30s right?


Haha. Saying half of the cast members are 25 or older is accurate, but I wouldn’t say half are hitting their 30s. The median age of the main characters is probably 26. Although this probably cements your paint as it is based on high school.

Of course, the people in Friday Night Lights were even older, but they were such good actors and actresses, it was pulled off without a hitch. I would have loved that show to keep going too… Incredible show that I hope VGHS drew inspiration from in some way.

I’m not sure, but if I had to guess, I’d say the oldest of the “high school students” was probably The Law. I believe Brian Firenzi turned 29 back in August and the script even pokes fun at that at one point… Correct me if I’m wrong.

It could be Drift King, but I don’t know Rocky’s birth year.


I thiiink it’s clutch. Imma look that up right now


nvm it’s too long to find hahaha


I didn’t even think of him. That seems right.


I know, but it is killing me…


Matt has said VGHS will continue but in animated form and when it does continue it won’t be the same people so whenever it picks up in the VGHS universe Im sure there will be hints or references to the old cast and where there characters ended up.


I feel like there are many questions now. I mean like will Law and Law v2 make there own team and will Brian join a pro team and will Calhoun finally graduate. I agree with all of you that we need at least 2 more seasons of this. :smiley:


You are completely right. There are so many questions.


Merged the Season 4/Movie topic into the discussion here as the topic is generating a lot of similar discussion.


Watched the entire show in the span of 24 hours. Must say amazing show and good job to everybody that worked on it. MY BODY NEEDS MORE OF THIS SHOW. FOREVER. I have a hollow feeling of emptiness without having some VGHS to watch to plz plz plz make another million seasons/ movie.


I don’t know about you, but she was ill at that moment. When you are ill you dream really strange things, like your mind is malfunctioning and logic has completely exited. At least those are mine experiences. I think Jenny just dreamed that because she was ill. Also, in ep3 she couldn’t take the shot because of the dream.


I can assure you the writers didn’t put that scene in there with the logic of “this is just some random fever dream.” I always hated in my high school English classes where the teacher would read so much into the most irrelevant of scenes, but in cases like this the message is blatant.

The point of that dream was to show that Jenny has big hopes and, you guessed it, dreams. And more importantly that she was completely willing to both grow up (killing the unicorn, a part of her childhood) and move past her high school relationships (shooting Brian) to achieve those dreams. Like Calhoun said, it’s not that she’s a bad person it’s that she’s smarter than most teenagers.

She didn’t break down in depression over how “horrible” that dream was, she went and practiced Field of Fire.

It was Brian that needed to grow up, and in episode 5 he did. Something I hadn’t given much thought at the time was that in episode 5 Jenny says “I’m glad you went first” when they reconcile. I could be wrong but I think the point there was she was intending on telling him that she couldn’t put him ahead of her dreams, but since he grew up and talked first that point became irrelevant.


I didn’t think about it that way at first but now that you said it i can completely see that, and I think it even more supports my comments that I think while although they are continents apart they are still in a relationship and whenever Jenny comes home they will be happy to see each other and pick up where they left off.


They left it open on purpose. About halfway through the finale Brian tells her to just pick the school that is best for her regardless of “whatever that means for ‘us’” so your theory fits in perfectly fine with that. The best way to handle long distance relationships is simply not to have them. It doesn’t mean ending a relationship but it doesn’t mean staying together. It just means parting on a happy note and seeing if chance brings you back together.

Trying to “make it work” just forces two individuals to feel a burden of commitment to each other under strenuous circumstances and, unless the relationship is strong enough (e.g. married), that causes resentment.


Guys! We’re forgetting that they’re going to make a continuation of this in animated form. RocketJump knew this, so maybe we’ll hear about the previous cast (as they said they want to focus on a new set of characters with the animated sires) through the news or something like the’ve done with Law over the course of season’s 2 and 3. Discuss!


True but for all we know they won’t ever talk about what happened with the relationships. They may of course talk about it but they may not its all up to them.