Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


I agree that their relationship status will probably never be revealed. It’s too much fun for them not to talk about it because it fuels discussion like this. BUT. If I stretch my mind a little bit, I can possibly see an interview with Jenny in this future universe that would talk about her career in Paris. She might mention whether she’s currently dating anyone… But now I’m just speculating :wink:


maybe in said possible future interview she mentions how the Panthers got a new forward who also happens to be from VGHS and her still and current boyfriend BrainD ehhh ehhh???


I’m surprised people think Brian was somehow hard done by (not referring to any specific posts, just a general trend)

At the end he’s clearly happy with how things have gone (after growing up), but he damn nearly cost the person he supposedly loved her lifelong dream. Might help to re-watch episode 3 and see how much of a little pussy he was being. If you behaved like that to a grown woman she’d laugh her ass off and never think twice about you again.

If they ended up together at the finale then their plot in episode 3 would have been a complete waste of time. It doesn’t really matter if there is “a theoretical way for them to be together.” It’s a case of getting a message across concisely and clearly. The alternative is the film equivalent of feature creep and I guarantee it would’ve ended in a mess. Hell the writers may have even tossed around ideas about bringing them back together and came to the conclusion that it required far too much unnecessary plot.

Now more to recent posts, you can be sure they’ll make references to this world in any future VGHS productions. It’s just an effective way of bringing in the audience by saying “Hey remember those characters you liked? They were cool.”


Speaking as someone who has been in that situation of the possibility of losing the girl you love to and because of long distance all those feelings are completely natural at that age and that point of your life it is a huge deal and something takes a lot to overcome.


I’m so pissed off with the way the series ended. Like seriously. OK so why did everything shift to Jenny and “her dream.” The series started with Brian and showcased Brian a lot and showed that he is actually very good but he lets stuff get in his way. What really pisses me off is why couldn’t it have a freaking happy ending. Why do people feel like you can’t have a happy ending in shows and movies. I’ve heard the argument that “it’s not realistic.” Well NO SHIT! Real life sucks and you get screwed over hardcore that’s why I watch shows and movies where good things happen to good people. DAMNIT! Like a better ending would have been Jenny goes off and gets recruited but another recruiter was watching Brian the whole time. It ends with a championship game with Brian’s team vs Jenny’s team but the audience doesn’t know it. It just shows them in the field and they are standing face to face talking. She says “whatever happens” he completes the sentence “I Love You.” They kiss, the scene cuts out and they are logging in on opposite teams. Jenny smiles and puts on her headset, Brian smiles and puts on his as well then gets a text on his cell, he looks at it and it says “Jenny: See you at dinner.” The scene then cuts to their hands on their mouses both with wedding rings. Would that have been such a bad way to end it?


That still kinda sux. How bout some real freaking closure. Like obvious in your face closure like here’s where they are they’re doing great.


I’m also really down about how they did the law this season. Like in the first episode they showed him as all badass again and I was like oh crap it just got real. But then the rest of the season is him getting crapped on again and then just being a COMPLETE dumbass in the last episode. I really thought he was going to come in and save the day and totally destroy the new “law.” But no he was just a freaking fart in the wind doing stupid freaking crap. It really sucks because he was actually a threat in season one. In season two he was in a slump but at the end of it it was like “Lawrence got his groove back.” Then it was just completely retarded. It just sucks that the character went from being feared and revered to being a complete dumbass. I wanted to see him kick some ass and turn over a new leaf even if it was in his own dumb way. LAW READY FOR THIS?


That would be really cool and awesome to watch, however that would require the show to continue at least to college level for something like that or like a 10 years later type deal but thats how the writing team decided to end it. It is still very open ended and they can revisit a lot of stuff if they choose too. The ending was well done it is a happy ending maybe not the typical Hollywood ending but everyone is happy in the end. For all we know they will one day tell us that something to what you wrote may happen but until then its for us to speculate and guess.

Also the stuff about the Law, I could be mistaken, but I was told it was written that way because Brain Firenzi had a lot of stuff going on at the time of shooting so they had to change Laws stuff a bit but I think they made it work well enough true I too would have liked to see more of the Law but I still liked it.


I still don’t consider it a happy ending. Brian is back home with his mom also? Really? Thats a horrible ending. They made Brians mom completely useless the entire series and yes he still loves his mom but they should have taken it a step further and he is out on his own or even better he is rooming with Ted in the place that Freddie had given him so Freddie didn’t have to deal with him. I disagree it wouldn’t have had to have them continue to college level because they could have confirmed that they were both career gamers. I didn’t feel like they hinted around that much that VGHS sent people on to college it kinda seemed like VGHS sent them into the pros without anything to do with college, like it was that elite. Like recruiters went to vghs first. I do realize that in sports careers you go to high school first then to college and hope to go pro in college but it really didn’t even feel like college was necessary. Calhoun didn’t even graduate lol


With the Law stuff it just really all felt unfair honestly. In season 1 it was like I hate that guy! In season 2 it’s like yea he’s a bastard and he’s getting what he deserves but you still root for him. In season 3 it’s like Law who? Oh there’s a fake law and (I think it’s amazing that it was freddy from Icarly) he even wrote that “I will have my revenge” note. But he didn’t have his revenge. He just acted like a moron. I also DO understand that conflicting schedules change things too. But it just didn’t feel right. The law deserved a better send off and a better end. Also him befriending the “fake law” after he broke his damn fingers. I don’t care if he said he is sorry. The Law doesn’t let go of a vendetta. Season one proved that. Brian killed his character on live tv, this other dude just walked up, took his identity and broke his damn fingers, not to mention being screwed over again by Shane who reminded me he also murdered shot bot. Yea it was like, oh the Law is dumb, “I’m the better Law no I am.” All in all a let down. I wanted the law to do something epic, maybe enlist the help of someone, possibly the new shot bot to come up with a scheme to get his revenge. Just… Damnit


I’m just so let down by it because the whole series was just completely amazing, the acting the effects it was just really good and all in all inspiring. Freddie and his team just did some amazing stuff and they said that they wanted to go out an flex their creative muscles and end VGHS. But it just felt horrible like they left it hanging in the air. I dunno maybe they’re wanting to see peoples reactions and decide where to go from there. But I would have been happy they just ended it and gave it very good closure. Even to the point of showing Ted and Ki and Brian and Jenny’s kids attending VGHS.
If its the end at least end it well.


They are home on break summer break thats when Jenny was gonna go to Paris when she got recruited so to me they are just hanging out at Brains now that Ki and Brain’s freshmen year is over and Ted and Jenny’s Sophomore year. They have a lot of projects they are moving on to so I don’t blame them true I would like to see VGHS continue the current story and stay live action but Freddie and them have said how expensive and difficult it is to make increasingly as each season becomes bigger then the last one.

Also just to be I’m not arguing with you and I respect your opinions I reread my last comment and I was a little afraid my comment felt argumentative haha just wanna go on a record and let you know that.


Like most things Jake says haha

But don’t think of this as VGHS ending just think about it as an awesome beginning for more things to come I mean thats why we’re all here right hopefully most of us were here from the beginning and just want to see Freddie and Rockejump succeed and who knows where this partnership with Lionsgate will take them and maybe just maybe some time in the future they can do something with VGHS


They’re making an animated series you know


People have still been wanting more? Seriously though we should respect the decisions of the creators instead of spamming them to continue the series (live action).


I heard that but I also heard it will not have the original characters, or maybe I misread the post and it just mean it wont have the same cast playing the characters. I do think it’s awesome that Josh Blaylock and Johanna Brady actually got married


I think he does but he’s talking about S3’s ending the animated series is supposedly gonna have new characters


Yeah more then likely it will not have the original cast maybe some may come back but for the most part it has been said that it’ll be a new set of main characters.


I actually don’t want more even though if they make more I will gladly watch it. I just wanted a satisfying ending if its all over where you know that everything and everyone is OK, not just buds hanging out at Brians moms and he catches a glimpse of Jenny on TV and gets the feels.


Also one of my favorite scenes is Jenny’s mom hitting jumping jax in the head with a donut and it not even registering.