Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


If you’re gonna end this series do it with a massive Spirit Bomb (Genki Dama) from the heavens and make it epic.


Hahaha yeah Joey pulls of some great antics as Jumpin Jax he is by far one of my favorites this season


Ehh, well it is really expensive to pay Josh Blaylock and Johanna Brady to be the voice actors, but honestly I was expecting them to split up anyway so most likely it will follow the story of Ted (seeing that he is Freddie’s brother). Who knows I’m just extremely impatient when it comes to waiting for the next season.


Yea season two and three he really was awesome. I’m glad he got more screen time. I even grew to like Games Dean haha


They probably won’t come back as the main main cast but probably show up every once in awhile.

Oh yeah I especially came to like Games Dean this season he was great.


But you know the whole thing is actually amazing that they could write this show, get the funding and get professionals to do everything. Like I saw an ad for VGHS episode 1 and was hooked. It’s all just really cool if you think about it. And Freddie Wong even makes himself out to be a complete ass and then kills himself. Stamp that on a resume. What did you do at your last job, well not only did I help create a successful web series but I made an ass out of myself and then killed myself, and yes I am totally serious.


Yea and he got in shape too which I can totally respect. Like he was a lil pudgy in season 1 but yea kutos to him.


Oh yeah Benji is real serious about working out and being in shape now him clint and Jamie will go to the gym and then there was the 100 push-up challenge they did


Nice, Johanna lost some weight between season 1 and 2 as well and actually it didn’t look healthy but in season 3 she looked like she found a happy medium.


Oh in person she is so beautiful. Probably should be in another thread but she is doing this funny movie called Believe Me about some college guys who start a fake charity to pay for their college and it becomes a super big charity movement. She looks great in the trailer.


Nice I will have to look that up. Man you know I kinda wish I could have just been on the crew while VGHS was filming and just hung out with everybody. They all seem like really cool people.


They are I was actually that guy I still go into RocketJump everyone in awhile to help out if needed.


Oh yea? That’s really cool. I do IT work now but hey if you ever hear of them needing any help could you please throw it my way? lol


First thing everybody on here says to me when they find out I talk to the RJ guys, “can you hook me up with a job?” hahaha Sure why not I’ll add you to the list.


LMAO well I wasn’t begging because I have a decent job and actually I said that I would have loved to have met everyone and THEN you said you actually worked with them.


haha I know I’m just messing with you. I’m also in VGHS I’m the sports gamer Jenny talks to and I bat the grenade with the shotgun


LMAO thats awesome, I literally just watched that like an hour ago and nodded and was like “hell yea thats how you do it”


well it’s still cool of you celebrity sports gamers to come down and talk to us social gamers XD


Hahaha you’re welcome! Hope you’re computers are running better now!


Oh day are. day were runnin especially slow beh 4 B cause day were ob sew leet day were