Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


Yea that’s the best I can do for a scottish accent in type form haha.


haha Thats alright I totally bought it I would give sports talk lingo but in real life I’m not a sports gamer. lol Im more of an FPS guy


In real life I play more nintendo Wii lol like the new Zelda’s and Mario’s like Mario Kart… lmfao I just remember one of my favorite lines. “the dutchess of fart and her fart goons” hahahaha


No way Jake you work at RJ can you hook me up with a job??!?! :wink: :wink:


I feel like the ending was perfect, and the status of Brian and Jenny’s relationship is certainly not questionable. Jenny says “see ya later” and she meant it.

I feel like throwing in something about online-play at the last second to keep her near Brian would weaken the scene where they get back together; what Brian says in that scene shows he’s okay with her leaving and even letting go. The two of them getting back together after he says that is just a very nice added bonus.

So yeah, I loved it! I am sad that it’s gone, but happy that it ended on a high note, a very high note.
Great job!!


The ending may not have been PERFECT, but one thing that I found made me very happy, and gave the entire series closure. Josh (Brian D) and Johanna (Jenny Matrix) are MARRIED, IRL!!! Apparently they were married in 2012, around the beginning of Season 1. This blows my mind, and although their characters are no longer together, the actors are! This makes me very happy.

P.S. I wonder if no one knew this, or everyone knew and I’m the only one that’s overexcited because I just learned of this…


Hey fellow VGHS crew!
I’m from New Zealand! I friggin LOVED S3!! Ep4 hit me right in the feels! I cried several times. My lil sister (she’s 11 now) has ben watching VGHS with me since S1. Even she cried (and tried numerous times to hide it) Actual gutted that it’s finished now BUT finished it in the best way possible!!! So ordering more merch and anticipating my Backer Kit stuff!!!

So what’s next? VGU? VGHS: The Movie?

What say you!??


Hahaha yeah some people know they first met on the set of VGHS and are indeed happily married

VGHS the animated series


yeah, I remember reading that somewhere on the net! And I was like, “man, they were meant to be!!!”


Agree 100%. If Brian and Jenny had been shown getting back together at the end it would have cheapened their entire arc in season 3. It doesn’t matter if, realistically, they could get back together while still learning the lesson (and perhaps they will in future spin offs). It’s a case of portraying the message clearly through film.


I jumped up and watched the ending because, well, I wanted to know what the ending would be. But going through the episodes now, Episode 4 is probably the best episode of a high school based show I’ve ever watched.

Pretty special stuff.


Yeah, agreed. They both grew up, and it ended on positive terms. Pretty much all you can ask for out of a first relationship.

Jenny is getting her dream and Brian’s got a pretty bright future himself, guessing he’ll be FPS captain and big man on campus as a sophomore. He might go pro himself down the line.


This, along with every other response (Including you people in the future, whom I must say ‘Hello!’ to) is the reason that the writers at RJ choose to end VGHS the way they did. It leaves it open to interpretation and discussion among the fan base. It’ll give us something to hold onto for months, and hell, maybe years after the final episode has been released. That’s why I’m OKAY with the ending. I think we all wish that Jenny and Brian could have stayed together, but it does completely ruin the arch mid-season.

All in all, season three was, in my mind, fully worth the $15 dollars I spent on it, and will definitely rewatch it in the future. I’ll also probably watch all the public releases again just for fun :stuck_out_tongue:


This isn’t exactly fair. Many times, one of the two in a relationship give up on his or her “dream” to stay together and when looking back, that person is completely happy with the decision. The argument that if Brian really loved Jenny, he would 100 percent be fine with letting her leave and pursue her dream has a counter-point. If he loved her so much, why should he be so willing to let her leave his life forever?

I don’t agree with the notion that he is “being a pussy.” In fact, if she is willing to give up Brian for her dream, then she obviously didn’t love him as much as he loved her. This is something that happens in life, especially in high school. Brian learned a life lesson. This can be argued either way and it is very noble of Brian to accept this fate and still be able to smile after, but he knew he was losing her either way. He loved her more than she loved him. She loved her dream of playing competitive FPS with the Paris Panthers more than she loved him, which was telegraphed well throughout this season.


Also, am I the only person absolutely delighted by Sebastian popping up once in every episode and being referred to by name? I laughed way too hard at that. It was easily my favorite running joke of Season 3.

“Walk it off, Sebastian!”

Great job, Jake!


Ok, I haven’t finished the whole season , so I haven’t read anything yall have posted yet. But I just gotta say some things about episode 4. 1st: the whole season is great so far, and all I can say is WOW… I’m amazed, definitely the best season. 2nd: I completely hate the creators of this show right now, cause they took my tiny little heart and RIPPED it into a 1,000,000 different pieces, then ran over it with a semi-truck, and took what was left and burned it. So as soon as I can get over what happened in episode 4 I shall resume watching the season, lol. But in all seriousness, hat’s off to the creators, I’m truly in awe of how great this season is.


Quite an example you gave there I have to agree they too ripped my heart to pieces


Poor Erin #neverforgeterinsheart I hope the last two episodes help make you feel better!


I’m gutted but as a VFX artist, I understand them. It is hard to pull away from watching it now…


How come in episode 6 at 45:50, when Brian shoots those people, they turn blue? If their on the napalm team shouldn’t they turn red when they die, and if not why the hell did Brian shoot them?