Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


I noticed that too I think it may just be a case of tired editors but either way I can live with it so thats okay


Matt talked of this on Reddit it was a mistake and I think they are trying to fix it if they haven’t already


To be honest this season was really good. Sure it had a few technical flaws like the saddle of jenny’s dream sequence or the swapping of the colors in n64, but overall the plot throughout the whole season was excellent.

Anyhow VGHS series is perhaps the best YouTube series that had ever been. I honestly believe this show actually inspired many children especially in the high school range for its amusing game notions and also for those less interested in gaming, the high-school first love and general high school life

It is very sad that the show must come to an end. I personally believed that more could be done with it. A sort of closure where Brian and Jenny do end up somewhat in a concluding stage (I still believe the relationship as a whole comes to question). Not saying it should have been a happy ever after ending but mort depth on the actual relationship would have been best. I still feel there are so many possibilities to expand the character’s personas and plots. Ideas I had were Brian and Jenny (random example) meeting in a battle in game sometime from each of their schools etc and also depth with Law and new Law. High-school lasts 4 years so that is why many of the fans believe that the show should last that long (since this was 1 year of highschool). Obviously film producers enjoy flexing sort of what they do and that is completely understandable, so a few years off the show would work fine etc. I just feel as if this story line with these characters still has a lot of things people would love to see it being developed on (especially in terms of character relationships and evolution). I understand it might want to brought back in an animated form someday which although would be more flexible in terms of what can be done, what made the show so touching/connect to the audience at least to me was how realistic it was. I am sure an animation would be great but just the feeling of it being so realistic with real actors made the show really great.

So I do honestly believe that another few seasons/movie etc for the show would be great but it’s unfortunate that can’t be :frowning:

Just wanted to give my feedback.


A friend of mine convinced me to watch the series and I was pleasantly surprised. It went from being a cool video to being quite frankly an obsession and luckily he was nice enough to share his account details for me to watch all of season 3.

I strongly disliked the ending; or perhaps merely disagreed with it. I felt there was room for another 10 minutes of so because as the common viewer I would have appreciated more closure (instead of skipping straight to the epilogue). Maybe even another episode would be necessary however I feel 10 minutes would be a good time frame for a little synopsis (maybe with Brian narrating over some clips of things being rebuilt/recovered? Ted being crowned drift king or something like that, and Ki being crowned student president once more now that Shane’s gone?). I felt as if there were unanswered questions from the series which was extremely disappointing.


I thought Johanna went from a sort of scene/emo look associated with high school to her look now, which is a traditional long-hair adult look. I thought it worked well as her physical appearance also matured with her character’s personality (although this could be silly because the show took place in one year).

Do your thing, Johanna!


So, I finished the season, and I absolutely loved it!!! I liked the darker tone it had, and how it dealt with the issues that teens actually deal with. Even though I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting it to take me on the emotional roller coaster, that it did. I loved the parts with Sebastien, and also the part where Calhoun is trying to feed that little girl, along with many other parts that would take all day to name. I was also surprised at how emotional I got over the death of Freddie. If I had known in season 1 that Freddie was gonna die, I probably wouldn’t have cared that much, but man, I was torn up when I watched episode 4. Also, episode 6 was OUTSTANDING, I loved every second of it, even though I was kinda sad that it was the last episode (maybe someday yall could make a reunion episode/movie?). However, I felt that it was a very good ending for the series. So hat’s off to Freddie, Matt, and the rest of the cast and crew, yall did an outstanding job!!!


Ok, thanks. I agree, it’s not that big of a deal, I was just kinda curios about it.


So to start off, I want to thank everyone who was apart of this for giving me and all the other fans something awesome to watch. I watched all three seasons in a matter of 3 days. Loved every second of every episode. Yet i still have the want for more which is sad. I know its crazy but i reached out to Johanna Braddy on Facebook to thank her and maybe talk a little but probably wont happen, wish it would. Then i found out that Johanna and josh are actually married, which as we all know is a match made in heaven. Season 3 as everyone has said has left me saddened, i wish at the end, after he sees her on tv he would pull out his phone and send one of there cute texts like, closet at the end of the summer or something cute like that. But thats just me. Cant wait for more stuff to come out, defiantly going to be watching alot of your stuff. Love talking to all you guys and reading what you have to say because its all just built up inside and nice to see other people really like this as much as i do.


Whenever I get sad that Jenny and Brian are no longer together. I look at this pic and remember that Johanna and Josh are…



Oh Ted you never learn :stuck_out_tongue:


I completely agree. I simply just need to know, otherwise I am left thinking about it in my head day in and day out just wondering. Please, bring us a season 4!


Thank you so much for this. That last episode was just unacceptable for me regarding brian and jenny. Helps to know this though!


what about the thing that he beat the new law with that mine…
the real law out thought the new one and he was like, fack this shit im gonna have some fun?


I’m gonna be honest here, I wanted the Law (Firenzi) to be redeemed after being framed and stuff on S2 but it didn’t feel as if he cared anymore and was like “ahh stuff it!” It should have been The Law to take out Shane Pizza as he was the culprit. I would have been happy with that… “but alas, the fizzy river has run dry.”


I completely agree and have gone on and on about this to my girlfriend (who agrees). The Law never loses. It is very uncharacteristic of him to not care about revenge, as well as give up on life and be a cashier at a game store. While I had a few chuckles during his giant comedic relief scene with the new Law during the final battle, I definitely felt unsatisfied. He was the best FPS player in the school/world, then he gave up and went nowhere. He didn’t get redemption, nor does he care about getting his title back or playing professional gaming, despite his life and image being completely wrapped around FPS gaming.

I’m sore because he was my favorite character, though. To anyone who always saw him as a comedic relief character, I’m sure they aren’t affected by this.


He was so bad ass! The trailer from S2 is awesome and it made me like the Law a whole lot more and it made me believe that he was going to right the wrongs made against him… argh… I just wish he did get redeemed 'stead of going AWOL. Oh well, i’ll get over it. lol!


If i remember correctly The Law had to be written that way because Brain had a lot of stuff going on such as his move to London and other stuff


… aw man, sad pands :confused:


One of the most entertaining shows ive ever watched and dont think ive ever been more upset about a show ending and not getting another season.
However as much as I love it does anyone else get the feeling the main character Brain kinda gets screwed in the end… loses his GF and it kinda seems, which i need someone to clarify, that hes not at VGHS anymore… or is it just summer vaca? Because he already lost his scholarship so how is he suppose to go back the next year?
Just seems like everyone in the end got what they wanted but Brain…


I agree to a certain extent. I didn’t expect them to end an entire series with such an open ending like that .