Post Season 3 Discussion (Spoilers)


Pretty sure he’s still at VGHS, as long as he keeps doing what he does for Calhoun


I guess it’s time for me to go burrow myself into a hole for 2 years until the VGHS animated series comes out…


Retreating into a cellar like the Social Gamers? We will come find you on the fated day


It’ll be perfect. I can help out with Ki’s next election


He missed the scholarship for the next year so had to go back to “normal school”, at least that’s what I gathered…


He had no school to go to when VGHS was gone because his family didn’t have the money to pay for the school and he had missed the scholarship deadline. Since he was working for Calhoun, he was able to stay at VGHS. After that final battle, VGHS was saved. When they exit the building and the final conversations happen between the students, Calhoun tells Brian that there is a lot to clean up or something to that effect, which implies that their previous agreement is still in place. To me, this means Brian will still be at VGHS. The show ends with the students on Summer break.


I knew this before I finished the third season and it still doesn’t settle it for me, because the ending was a complete cliff-hanger. I think that they really need to do one more extra episode or short movie, where they reveal what paths all of the main characters have taken. If you look at it from my point of view, Jenny didn’t exactly get what she wanted because she was only on the secondary team, Brian didn’t get anything he wanted as Jenny was away and we don’t know for sure if he is still at VGHS. Finally, what are Ki and Ted doing? This is my opinion anyways.


These two posts by matt (one of the VGHS writers) are essential reading for those who want more insight into the ending:

VGHS - my ending
Shame to see VGHS end

speaking of that; Calhoun’s hair grows rediculously quick!


That’s the gamble of course though; as-is you likely have your own ideas about what happened to everyone after the credits rolled. Everyone likely has their own personal epilogue in their minds, could one canon version really satisfy everyone?

Someone’s likely brought this up before; if I’m just paraphrasing someone, my bad.

Also, there’s always the possibility of characters returning to cameo in the next version of VGHS, which could give some more defined closure as to “where they went and what they did.” That’s some fan service I wouldn’t be surprised to see (and would also be happy to see) happen.


Some people can really grow their hair out very fast plus running VGHS must be stressful probably can get that razor going as he might like


This still makes me a bit sad… :frowning: . But at least we know more :slight_smile:


Hope they could rap up some of the stuff they missed out, such as Brian and Jennys relationship in an episode or something, just like an epilogue. I don’t know really, just maybe have a really good episode of Jenny and Brian, and then it could just be them looking out over the sea with the sunset. I just have far too many feels for this show


Could u paste the comments in a reply, my pc won’t open them. Would be a great help


Because she maybe wasn’t ready to leave brian just yet. She hasn’t matured yet, at the end of ep. 3. Her mum hasn’t had a chat with her yet, Brian has not found his role model Calhoun. They are both not ready yet. Thats my opinion anyway, I think that he is right about the dream being a foreshadowing of what was to come. To follow Juaque Latore or however u spell his name, she had to ditch her childhood and her high school relationship with Brian. They learnt a lot from each other, but like everything in the world. All good things must come to an end. Best F**king series ever btw.


While a lot of people have been complaining about the ending, I thought it was top. What people have to consider is that ending a series is HARD. Often not liking a finale is just a knee-jerk reaction to the reality of ‘the end’ - not knowing what happens next.

But that’s what life is, sometimes you have to say goodbye to people you’ll never see again - for those of you who have finished high school, you’ll know what I mean. The whole Jenny ‘thing’ is completely understandable and people need to understand the reasons behind the writers’ decision to send her to France.

I think everyone involved killed it this season, the writing, acting and editing was great, I really dug Ted’s storyline from a personal level and it felt right. Also Calhoun’s interactions with Ted and Bryan were pretty heartwarming. Not to mention the epic 1hr conclusion!

After watching from Season 1, it’s been great seeing the characters, and their relationships develop and mature. Favourite episodes have got to be 4, 5 and 6 of this Season.

Anyways, looking forward to seeing what’s next for RocketJump.


I cried at the end. Bittersweet is the perfect word to describe it. I was so sad to see the show end because they did such an amazing job.


Ok, so first of i really really love the series as a whole. But i feel like the way they focused season 3 in the start atleast was abit of for me if you think about the universe they created as a whole. Not i get that its highschool and all and reality struck, but at the same time i feel like they kinda left the gaming and futuristic universe they created in the first two seasons.

I personally thought that the reality we currently live in was not a part of the reality they live in. I feel like the VGHS world was in the future, but that was before i watched season 3. I mean in season one they had flying bikes! And i know you see the flying bike in the end of the last episode but i still think they kinda left the universe.

When that is said, these episodes were through the roof awesome. Every minute of them except about 50. I didn’t like the way they made episode 2, it was so wierd. And the ending, tbh it just broke my little vghs brian and jenny heart. For me they as a couple were almost the core of the series. And to know that they are not seeing eachother anymore makes me kinda angry inside, or heartbroken.

I just dont like the fact that the rocketjump team tried to make an ending to this. Especially when the endning seemed abit rushed to me. I mean there are so many questions for me thats unsolved. Here’s a small list you guys might help me solve:
Is Brian and Jenny ever going to see eachother again ? (please say they do, for the sake of the series)

Where did Brian’s gaming career go? I mean, he was one of the core players on the Varsity team aswell. and he just didn’t get a contract with any team or what? I don’t get it?

And what about Jenny? I feel like she turned into her mom in the end, and isn’t that what she really didn’t want? I mean just thinking about the whole Jenny and Brian thing i get so sad…

Anyways, great series as a whole but TBH i wish i hadnt watched the last 10 minutes of the last episode, so i could just imaginge Brian and Jenny living happily ever after… But hey thats life, i guess…
Thanks for some awesome enternaing Rocketjump. And we CANT forget, special thanks to Freddie and nonetheless Brandon, you made the foundation for this VGHS empire!

Im out, have a great day!


I can’t help but agree to the thoughts of what the writers wanted to accomplish, but i feel like they created for answers than they answered. Im still hurting over the whole Jenny and Brian thing, I dont feel like they universe the VGHS is in, is like the one we live in, so they could have made the ending like it wasnt.


Brian and Jenny might get together again, they might not. Whatever suits you and your imagination best. But do hold in mind that they are like sixteen and seventeen in the VGHS universe.

Brians gaming carreer is going pretty good I’d say, he’s spent his freshman year in the varsity team and will probaply continue being a part of it, perhaps even as captain. We must consider also for a moment that Jenny is probaply better than him, which explains how she, a mere sophmore, got a pro contract with a prestigious Parisian team. I’m very sure Brian will get pro-contracts offerd to him, probaply even before he finishes school.

Jenny didn’t turn into her mom (not in my eyes anyway), she persued her dream, a lifelong dream of playing in the pros with her favorite team “the Paris Panthers”. Happy to feel the support of the ones she loves.

I would like to conclude my view of your questions by saying that I prefer the open ending. It keeps you atached to the series and allows your imagination to think of what’s best, in a way it let’s no one down. Off course they could have done the thing they did in harry potter where they look back twenty years later, but it might be dissapointing for if they sticked to reality… let’s just say that the future isn’t visible, anything could happen.

VGHS will never stop, but I think we should allow these characters some privacy, you wouldn’t want someone following you around for the rest of your life.
And perhaps we’ll hear back from them some time in the future…