Post your Story Break names :)


This is the Go-To place to post your best ideas for names for “The Greatest Podcast” to take advantage of. (Unless you have a twitter, which I do not lol)
I’ll start first and hopefully I’m not the only one (this community seems kind of dead to me, no offense lol)
Sully Shultz
Jakeb Taylor
Ezrie Andersen
Aleksandra Bolshekoff


I’m sorry I’ve not listened to the most recent podcasts yet. What is this about?


Sorry, I didn’t explain. In recent podcasts, they have started asking for names to off the cuff use when they are spit balling movie ideas so I made this, lol, this strand is probably going to die soon anyways but I thought I would try :slight_smile:


Toby Wild
or, if they need a Sci-Fi or Fantasy name, Diemos Veland (My goto name for RPG’s)


Hey y’all, I don’t think the SB team is watching this thread.
It’d probably be better to @ them on twitter