Clinton Jones (aka the PWNisher) walks us through adding hand held camera shake to a still image using After Effects.

Step-by-step “study” guide available soon!




Is there any extra-credit linked to this? :smile:


Excellent. I’m still stuck on the last question raised by the video - but it’s a great thing to think about - why and when would this be appropriate. I’m loving the brainstorming! Thanks Clinton!

So - can the null objects be saved like paths to create different “feels” and added to any footage? I wish the tutorial showed the effect applied to tripod footage instead of just a picture. Maybe that’s @Kevin_Nguyen 's extra credit…


Thanks Clinton, great tip!
Also, if you don’t have a time/if you don’t want to shoot footage to get realistic camera shake, you can try use wiggle expression on position, rotation and anchor point. I realised that sometimes it works just fine.