Ryan Kirby, Line Producer for RocketJump: The Show, gives us an inside look into the office production kit he has built over the years, and offers some tips about building your own!

Not sure where to start? Download the official RJFS Production Office Starter Kit Checklist!

ALSO check out The Complete Film Production Handbook, by Eve Light Honthaner. A great resource, and her production office travel kit is what we based our own office kits on!

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What case does he use to store this equipment?


The more I watch this, and the more I thinking about what gear&stuff we need on set…the more I understand that the most valuable thing in production is…a car! :smile:


I’m always behind on the videos because I get busy for a few weeks, then binge them, so I’m just getting to this one.

That said, my favorite part is the teams in use on the “footballs”.

I’m from Indiana (living in Indianapolis now), so the Colts are the obvious favorites, and it’s hard not to like the Broncos with Manning there.

Aside from the Dolly brothers, do you guys have a lot of Indiana representation there?


Our CFO, Jamie, basically grew up with the Brothers Dolly. Don’t think we have more than the three of them but trust me, they represent Indiana proudly.

PS - I mentioned your question to Benji, to which he replied, “Best corn. #GodsCountry.”


Nice. Jamie must not have wrestled (or at least not as well as the Dollies (right?) did), because I don’t remember him.

It occurred to me after I posted that that it could be really rude. I didn’t mean it like that, Jamie.


Nope. Did some google stalking. He did wrestle, he and Benji were just enough younger that I didn’t know him. I graduated a few years too early.


Thank you RJFS and Ryan Kirby for producing this video. I have a better understanding now of what I will need to bring when traveling as a producer onto location.

Also, thank you for listing The Complete Film Production Handbook by Eve Light Hornthaner. I will be sure rent the book.

Do you guys also have any recommended places to purchase office travel kits?
Also, what is a film production football?


I believe the “footballs” (I think they are called that because you keep tossing them back and forth between set and production) are envelopes like these.

You can get any of this stuff at an office supply store like Staples or Office Depot.


Awesome video. Can you let me know what rolling kit you’re using?