Your footage is your socks. Keep 'em in your sock drawer. Doesn’t matter if your sock drawer is in Premiere, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Hitfilm, iMovie, or whatever. KEEP YOUR ROOM CLEAN!

We know all too well how exciting it is to begin cutting your story together after you finally finish shooting. But there is a lot of prep that needs to happen first to avoid headaches down the line. That’s why Joey is here to tell you to clean and organize your room (and by room, we mean your editing project.)

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A bit difficult to follow for me personally, but some great tips and tricks overall.
Can you explain moving everyhing down to the bottom track for me again? having trouble understanding that.


We decided to move timeline organization to another video since we think it deserves more attention! @JoeyScoma any thoughts??


Hey jasper, Yeah i was moving through that video pretty quickly…

the timeline stuff as lauren and I mention will go into greater detail soon, but for now the quick tip is to drop things down to the bottom track ONLY when your happy with a cut and therefore “Picture Locked.” With bigger and bigger projects if you’re video layers are all over the place, it’ll get harder to navigate which shots are FX shots (for example) or which shots you might need to do pickups for. But like I said it keeps your timeline clean and organized, and usually helps premiere run a bit faster.


Super cool. How does the file organization for your edits tie in to other things like sound design, VFX, and color grading? Are they each kept entirely separate?