React to That (Clinton Jones, Freddie Wong, and The Corridor Digital crew)


The Fine Bro’s React web series has now been made into a Nickelodeon TV show and even though I try to stay away from those cringe able channels I couldn’t help but support the two brothers. I expected for Nickelodeon to destroy it and put a whole bunch of their stars on it (which I could only recognize 2 from when my little sister watches this show called Rick, Nick, Dick and Don) but I was surprised to see Clinton Jones and the corridor digital crew with their good o’l fart attack video, later on I even saw freddie there was a teaser before the commercial where I thought I had seen him and I dismissed it as someone else but when the show came back I was excited to see Freddie. I didn’t finish the episode but it was amazing to see Clinton, Freddie, and The Corridor Digital crew all on tv in one sitting. I plan on finishing the episode tommarow and watch more in the future! :smiley:


The show was now that bad. It was cool to see the challenges and all the react kids and teens in one space. It has a huge Nickelodeon vibe to it, which is expected. I think it does open the door for more Youtube creators to move onto TV. I know Ray William Johnson sold a show to FX a long time ago that went no where. And Shane Dawson sold a show, which after seeing Not Cool, will probably never see air either. Interesting to see what happens in the future.


@ColeRiel Yes I completely agree after watching the second episode I really couldn’t bear past the “Nickelodeon Vibe” but it doesn’t have as much of that vibe as the other shows do so I can bear with this when my little sister watches it and to know the Fine Bros were behind it makes it even better.