Recap of casting announcements for D404


Heyo! Just put up a blog post on the website that calls out all of the major D404 casting announcements so far. Check it out here:


Other than those in the post above, can we expect to see many of the RocketJump crew starring?


There are a few RocketJump…ers? with more prominent roles here and there, but almost everybody at RocketJump is in the show in one way shape or form :smiley: I think @Danny might have managed to insert himself into every single episode.


Every episode but one :frowning: I’m still trying to make it happen.


We have the technology, we can rebuild it!


You managed to sneak in a portrait of yourself I’m RJTS! I’m sure you can pull this off!


Quite a few portraits actually. Keep looking for it :slight_smile:


So the shows not even out yet and D404 already has a drinking game

Danny = drink


I love the spirit. That said, one or two appearances per episode does not a drinking game make :wink:


its a start, one rule of many


Point taken! I yield to your greater wisdom, good sir.


drink every time you go…


It’s a really chill drinking game.

Also haha you love the “spirit.” GET IT?!

The Bad Pun Thread

Somebody did :stuck_out_tongue: