Record multi track audio and video at the same time


What I’m trying to do is record multiples tracks of audio and one track au video at the same time.

To give an example of one of the projects; gaming session with 4+ people all with lav mics to a presonus RM32ai, a few cameras and a split from the game console so we can record it using an avermedia extremecap U3. Or the thing we’re planing is live sessions of musical performances and one of the artist is a video dj, so he could offer us an hdmi out of his vj-ing while we record the whole band.

So, I can’t record in more than one take, since all the sources happen at the same time in real life.

with the gamings vids we tried multiple set ups and recording the audio and the video from different softwares on the same pc or using 2 different pc, we always had sync issues after 20-30 minutes of recording, but since it’s not high end broadcast gear, I don’t have any timecode input/output on the video capture card.

So my question is, anyone know any pluggins for premiere pro or vegas or even pro-tools 10-12 or any work around to record multi track audio and video at the same time. I have been having a hard time finding info online about this.


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Hmm, this is a little tricky since most consumer-end and lower-price point professional recording setups will introduce slight drift over time, and it’s a little hard to say whether the drift is originating from the audio, the video, or both.

The immediate workaround is that if the drift isn’t too severe, and if you’re editing the videos after-the-fact, you can do sync references every ten minutes or so, by having people clap on-camera, so you have an audio-visual sync point you can manually work with (however, if you also have separate drift occurring in the game capture footage, that may be a bit trickier).

Just to gather a bit more information, can you list out your full equipment setup? (I’m not really interested in computer specs, but just which gear is going to which devices in what order, and also what cameras you’re using) Maybe we can figure out a more detailed solution from there!

The one tricky thing in general is that if you’re going directly into a computer using a DAW like Pro Tools, the internal clock might just be the computer itself, which may not be especially reliable, but I’d like some more detail before I commit to that as a possible culprit. While it’s not my area of specific expertise, I also wouldn’t be surprised if you’re getting some slight video drift if you’re using DSLR cameras.

@Daniel also has some experience in this general field, so taggin’ ya brah



But Kevin covered it already. This is [one reason] why pro broadcast gear is SO EFFIN’ SPENDY! The cheapest TriCaster hardware costs as much as a decent motorcycle, and it goes up to an order of magnitude more expensive, and TriCasters are actually considered to be the “small fish” option by the pros.

So this has to be live, right? I assume you’re streaming? Like, you couldn’t record an organic performance, etc. and release as a video after the fact?


Alright, sorry for the late reply.

I’m not live streaming so yes I can fix it in post. when we shot the gaming stuff last year, we would take break every 10 mins or so and would a clap and point the camera at the tv to sync the gameplay footage with the camera and the audio.
We also ended up having a friend live mix the audio if we had more then 2 mics and send that mix to the camera, but it’s not ideal given there’s a lot of laughing out burst or a bit of shouting

So for audio we are using AT 803a wired lavs going to a presonus RM32 AI. If it’s only 2 people we hard pan the mics and send it to the camera (Nikkon D3200) so we can tweek em in post ( last year we used an old ramsa mixer with dbx 166xl to limit and boost the mics)

For the gameplay footage, all the older consoles with rf output(atari, intellivision…) are all link and passing thru a vcr and that going to a composite matrix with with the rest of the consoles. That matrix is going to a no name “all to hdmi” scaller, that scaller has a few hdmi inputs so all the rest of modern consoles are switched with that. the output is then send to a 2 out HDMI DA, so one output to the tv, the other to the avermedia Extremecap U3 also knows as the CV710

We did a bunch of test going direct and skipping all the switchers and das and none of that gear seems to affect the timming, those clip are always in sync with the camera using the original software or the premier pro pluggin (wich works better) So the camera and this recording would always almost be perfectly synced for 20-30 min files.

We would always have sync problems with the seperated audio recording from the pc and we tried a few different 2 chanel audio interface, like an M-box, Tascam 180, the line in from the hdmi recorder.

So the main thing we want to do is to record multi track audio from the presonus, so we have all the mics in iso, so that we can do the best mix possible and record the hdmi source on the same pc, idealy in the same software to save time to manualy sync the camera to the audio and hdmi clips.


Aja io HD is your solution. Video plus 4 tracks of analog audio, or 8 tracks of digital audio. Sd, hd or hdsdi video. Works with Mac up to os Lion thru a FireWire 800 connection. New, these were about $4000 , now on EBay these jewels can be had for very little and the work as good professional equipment does.
New replacement is the AJA io4k, which works similar magic. With a more expensive new computer, and thunderbolt connection.
Best to you.