Rewatching VGHS S2EP4, question about VGHS vs HGA Matchup


When VGHS plays against Hardcore Gamer Academy (HGA), in the beginning of round 5 (28:17) they kill 5 of their opponents, but at 29:29 on the big display in the auditorium it says 3 vs 6 in favor of HGA.

At 31:09 all of the opponents seems to be back because they armed the bomb. Brian had to kill all of them again to get a chance at diffusing the bomb.

So were there respawns in the game? If so VGHS didn’t respawn in round 5 that’s for sure, and they only show when there are only Dean and Jenny left as attackers on round 4 (25:27)

If it is respawns, it only seems like that would be for the attacking team but that would not be balanced for that round or for the full game since one team can get to be attacker one more time than the other.

Looked around on Battlefield and CS rules, and there it seems to be:
Attack team: Eliminate all teammates or make the bomb go off.
Defense Team: Eliminate all teammates, timer hits zero, Defuse the C4



They both might have a set number of respawns. Like three lives you know?


Ah, like a player has 3 respawns for the entire game.
Or the team has 10 respawns for the entire game.

Makes much more sense. :slight_smile: