RIP Rocketjump?


I’ve been unmotivated to make films for the past 3 months, however I am motivated again and came here immediately. I then checked the Rocket Jump Film School youtube channel. Nothing. I miss the weekly livestreams that taught me so much. Whats happening with the channel and Rocket Jump in general? Hope everyone involved is doing ok! Good to be back :slight_smile: @FreddieW @Kevin_Senzaki @Kevin_Nguyen


Hey there, yes the film school is on indefinite hiatus. Some videos still pop up from time to time, but there’s nothing planned right now. The teachers are out there making stuff themselves, working on other projects, learning new things, making movies.

As for the channel you can have a look here:


Yep, we’ve certainly been busy! :stuck_out_tongue: As always, feel free to reach out to me here, or on Twitter, etc. - same for the rest of the crew!