RJFS/learn Suggestion


I wouldn’t consider this an issue as much as a suggestion. But I came across this when I was writing up a review for Contaidges’ video and I wanted to point him in the direction of RJFS’ page for sound. But since it’s one linear page I couldn’t do that. So I went and opened up to see if there were any ID’s that I could link to so that I could point him straight to the sound portion.

There weren’t and obviously it isn’t to difficult to say, “Go look at the sound stuff on this page.” But it would help to have at least snap links, like, -http://-school.rocketjump.com/learn#sound or #directing etc. Just an idea cause I know some friends that do stuff and ya’ll’s content could really help them improve and for the most part I’ll be sharing with them individual videos which have both RJFS and YouTube links to follow.

But having a page/direction to point them to might help. I still really like the main page dynamic it really works especially when you have some downtime and it’s like, “I’m going to watch an RJFS video I’m not in the mood for anything in particular though.” Then I can scroll through a category I might have initially avoided and then watched that video and found real interest in it.

So I’m just suggesting ya’ll ADD a way to snap-to or refer to the categories individually.


Great suggestion. I’ll make it happen.

FYI, the reason it is the way it is…well…RJFS is still in “preview.” There’s a whole better organized version of the site coming down the road, but we’ve just been randomized with too much other stuff and it just hasn’t happened yet. It will. Some day.

But in the mean time, using anchors along the page is a great stop gap. It shall be so.


I figured something like that cause I know that if ya’ll plan to keep up with weekly content updates there’s no real way to make this work. I don’t mean to be adding an unnecessary project to the list of ongoing one’s though :worried:

I’m sure you’ve got more pressing matters since it seems things are really busy up in there. I wouldn’t know being you know. . . on the other side of the country and having no contact with any RJ member other than this forum :smile:


So I completely forgot to follow up with you here, but your suggestion has been implemented. Check it:


Really useful !
Thanks @Edward_Stryfe and @Daniel !