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@Jasper_Cloud Do this mean I must be á la Quentin Tarantino?


I don’t really know what you mean by that. Vieleicht konst du es mir in Deutsch fragen? Ich verstehe es gut genüg um du zuh begreifen.


@Jasper_Cloud Cool. Ich wollte fragen, ob ich auf Quentin Tarantinos Niveau/Level sein muss.


If you consider his work really good then that is always a goal you can set yourself and someone to draw inspiration from. But more than that you should always strive to get better at what you do, to get really good at it. If you want to colaborate with rocketjump somewhere in the future you’ll have to become a good enough writer as to be an asset to their projects. Personally I don’t think rocketjump is at a Tarantino level, but that is also hard to judge as they make quite different things.

Now it’s good to draw inspiration from people who have made it big and whose work has found critical acclaim and cult fandom. But you must also start somewhere far away from that. You have to suck at what you do first, and you’ll have to suck at it a lot for a long time. Because being bad at something is the first step to being kinda good at something.
Write a lot, get the experience, work with actual creators, no matter how amateur they are. Passion is where you and they start from first and foremost anyway. Filmmaking is a collaborative proces, that means that you’ll need the feedback of actual filmmakers on your scripts and work with them to achieve a good video/film. A script isn’t a good script until a good film can be made with it. That’s why I think it would be a great idea if you tried to work with young filmmakers, students, movielovers. I think that could be the best way to learn.

Tarantino did A LOT of writing before he got good enough to write the movies you like. practise makes perfect. And I think that right now you might be blocking yourself by writing in a language that you strugle with, and that you can’t collaborate on easilly. Maybe you need to practise and learn more about writing scripts before you learn how to do them in another language.

I hope everything I said was clear to you and in any way helpful.


@Jasper_Cloud Soo, do you mean this forum is perfect to sharpen someone’s skills?


well the forum isn’t very active right now so If you really want to practise and hone your skill another forum might fit your needs better. And as I’ve said before if you could find a german one that would probably help you the most right now.

Also you don’t have to @ me everytime, you can just reply to my post and I’ll see it.