Rocket Jump Store Issues


Hey guys,

Hope you’re still reading this. I’m not sure if its an issue with your site, or your customer support buy. I made a purchase recently. I didn’t get a tracking number, and I’ve reached out a ton of times to the customer support email option and gotten no replies in about 2 and a half weeks.

I selected the 3 day shipping option, but haven’t seen or heard anything about my order. Hope someone can help, I don’t want to have to charge back my card or anything like that. I love what you guys do and I’m trying to show support.



Oof, I’m really sorry to hear that! Summoning @Danny


I’ve got a basic idea of what’s going on here. Based on a cursory look, you ordered a jersey.

I know it is unfortunate, but as it states on our jersey page:
Please allow 3-5 weeks for the items to be manufactured, then shipped.

So the 3 day shipping option means that it will arrive to you within 3 days of it actually shipping. I know it sucks, but that’s the deal we have with our manufacturing partners.

I’ll pass your info on to our store team so that they can keep an eye on this one!



Hey guys! Week 6 started today. Still no email or anything. Am I just being impatient again?


I will meet with our merch person first thing tomorrow!


Sounds good, thanks Danny! You the man.