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Here are a few interviews!

The playlist of interviews that includes Danny, Freddie and Matt, more of the cast!

When is there going to be the animated series of vghs
Is VGHS the animated series going to be paid to watch?

VGHS S3 GIF Contest Winner Vlog!

The winner of the GIF contest’s vlog with Freddie! He’s cool consider subscribing to him!

BTW! Indiegogo backers check your inboxes an update has just been sent out with FAQ’S about the VGHS S3 Purchasing/Redeeming process.


NYCC Interview with Freddie and Will!

An interview from the recent NYC COMIC CON! with Freddie and Will


VGHS Episode 1 Commentary is now LIVE!


This is an excellent watch, it’s nice to see the cast’s perspective on the episode.


Indiegogo backers! Check your emails! info about your indiegogo swag and when it will be arriving has been sent!


CHECK YOUR MAIL BOXES reports of S3 swag bags arriving are coming in!

However if you ordered other items they will come with them!

If you ordered a Blu-Ray they won’t ship until early January


Here’s a little thing I found on reddit and it’s intresting

Reddit user: Just finished watching, and I’ve been wondering this entire time throughout the season, is the Drift King a teacher, or like a student-teacher hybrid? Because they mentioned he was a senior multiple times, but then how was he a teacher/TA in the previous seasons? And where is the teacher if he’s a TA?
edit: also going along with drifter-related questions, I assume heldine was absent this season because of the freddie-brandon split?

Matt’s Reply:
He’s a senior. Why he runs the class…we reveal in a comic that will come out



Alright! Any word on what it is about as of yet or no?


No but as soon I I get word I will let you know!


I like comics… Ive subscribed already to this in my mind!


Whoop whoop haha do you like the Clone Wars Adventure series?

And VGHS COMIC 10/10!


I’m really interested to see what the art style is like.


I also read this and it totally works in my favour!


Haha you read the Clone Wars Adventure series? because I have the whole series and I don’t want it


RJFS Update!

Some news about RJFS and something at the end :wink: just watch and see (not mean’t to be an innuendo)


can always count on @Kevin_Nguyen to give us the latest news stuff haha and @Kevin_Senzaki so excited to see what comes next I am super psyched to see RJFS launch


##VGHS S3 BTS For Episode 2 and 3!

The new S3 Ep.3 BTS and the previous S3 Ep.2 Commentary staring Benji Dolly, Ellary Poterfield, Brennan Murray, Jimmy Wong, and Joey Scoma!


“Daily Dean” more like “Daily Kev”


Dude! thats perfect @Kevin_Ngyuyen you should start the real life version of this as you and you give us the VGHS news!