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Yes, children, this is a concept we call homosexuality.


I’m not gonna question this.
Not at all.


Season 2 of This Week At Rocketjump starts next week!


It’s okay to question. I remember when I was questioning.



So happy for where the whole company has come!


Congrats RocketJump, you’re awesome!


Just realized that the new series from Rocketjump could be the “Twilight Zone” they were talking about Dimension 404 :scream: just a hunch! However it would explain why Clint in Rocketjump’s recent picture leaks is dressed as some sort of monster and with the new series on Hulu coming soon it could be possible.

I know that this is jumping to conclusions but it could be possible!

I will let you guys take it how you see it! :smile:


I think 404 is different from this Hulu deal. One of the articles describes the new series as:
“The half-hour episode of the series will chronicle the filmmaking process behind RocketJump’s newest short. Full episodes will be released exclusively on Hulu on a weekly basis, along with the newly created shorts.” (x)


##Roll The Music FACEROCKER Podcast #66 is Here!


##Indiegogo Update!

VGHS Backers Check your inboxes a new Indiegogo Update has arrived for those who don’t recive these which I’ve learned many people don’t here is what it contained!

Hey Everyone,
Below is an itemized list. Of where items are at in the manufacturing process. Please note, your items will be shipping together. If you ordered any of these items you will have to wait until they are all available. Any exceptions will be indicated below.

Downloads- Delivered via email in Sept.

Swag Bags- Any Domestic Swag Bag in a tier that was $15 or less, and didn’t contain any additional items has been shipped. International Swag Bags for tiers $15 or less have been delayed. All other tiers will receive their Swag Bags with the rest of the items.

ID’s- Delivered in Sept/Oct.

Stand-alone Board Game- All Domestic Board Games that ONLY contained the Game and the Swag Bag have shipped, International Games shipped later and should arrive in the next few weeks. If you added any additional items on, the Game will ship when the rest of the items are available
Lootcrate- these are being fulfilled by Lootcrate, so we only have the information they are providing to us. They should ship by mid Feb. We will post when we know they’ve gone out. If your order contains anything other than the Lootcrate they will be shipped separately.

Razor Mat- Razor experienced an issue with the stitching in the mat, they are being manufactured now.

DVD/BR- We have experienced a delay in manufacturing. It looks like the DVD and Blu-Ray will not be available until late March.

Poster- Currently being designed!

T-Shirt- designed by DangerBrain, manufacturing will begin soon!

Hoodie- designed by Dangerbrain and are ready to ship! If your order contains any item other than the hoodie, it will all ship together.
VGHS/Napalm Mug- designed by DangerBrain, manufacturing will begin soon!

VGHS/Napalm Foam Finger- designed by DangerBrain, manufacturing will begin soon!
Yearbook- being manufactured now!

Calendar- being designed now!

Script Book- being designed now!

Props- at the office and waiting to be signed!

L33Tb0x- being designed by Freddie!

Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray- being designed now!

If you need to update your address you can do it at If you have any questions email us at
Thanks for your support!!




It’s lots of fun too.
I’m looking for time in my schedule for subway.


Who else can’t wait until the Sunday super bowl thing where Freddie VS Katy Perry?


##New Short Dropping Tomorrow!!!


If you cant wait till tomorrow, check out Freddie & Clint’s Instagram for some bite sized rocketjump goodness:



R.I.P Keurig 2012-2014


Is that MY KEURIG?!!! lol loves these guys. :smile:


But the question is
Was that Joeys Keurig?


The world may never know


or maybe we will? Coffee 2 Return of Joey’s Keurig