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no… Zombie Keurig! :wink:


Hey @Natalie and @Preston_Ray check your inboxes on twitter or email our Podcast Prizes are shipping out today!


@Kevin_Nguyen Dude I just checked my email so hard


##What RJFS is all About!!!


I already got it! It’s a few shirts. :slight_smile:


@Natalie shhhhhh I want the surprise haha that means I got a baseball tee and some shirts because I opted out of the game because of my Mac haha


It might be different for you. I got a Kickstarter 2013 shirt, which is cool because I actually did support the 2013 campaign and not the 2014 one.


oh cool, I think i have that one too!
But, has it been worn by @Matt ?


Considering that I am a tiny person, no.


haha I kinda want one of the new 2014 indiegogo shirts they look super awesome


Not news just…nostaliga :cry:


Not so important news I now have 2 of each!! :laughing:


DUDE! SO MUCH OPTICAL DISK DATA STORAGE! (now I must wait patiently for my own)




Lol I am slowly getting mine personally signed by everyone I run into. Freddie and Harley have signed my season 2 while Freddie, Brandon, and Matt signed my season 1. I didn’t have Bryan sign it when I ran into him, but I should try when s3 comes out on Blu-Ray.


##A little insight to what’s currently going on at the RJ Office!!



Hey Everyone,
Lootcrates shipped last week! If you’re Domestic you should receive your Lootcrate by this Friday. If you are International, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.
Any other item updates are listed below!

Downloads- Delivered via email in Sept.

Swag Bags- Any Domestic Swag Bag in a tier that was $15 or less, and didn’t contain any additional items has been shipped. International Swag Bags for tiers $15 or less have been delayed. All other tiers will receive their Swag Bags with the rest of the items.

ID’s- Delivered in Sept/Oct.

Stand-alone Board Game- All Domestic Board Games that ONLY contained the Game and the Swag Bag have shipped, International Game delivery has been delayed. If you added any additional items on, the Game will ship when the rest of the items are available.

Razor Mat- Razor experienced an issue with the stitching in the mat, they are being manufactured now.

DVD/BR- They are being manufactured now! We are looking at a April delivery but they’re coming!

Poster- Designed and getting manufactured shortly!

T-Shirt- designed by DangerBrain, manufacturing will begin soon!

Hoodie- designed by Dangerbrain and are ready to ship! If your order contains any item other than the hoodie, it will all ship together.

VGHS/Napalm Mug- designed by DangerBrain, manufacturing will begin soon!

VGHS/Napalm Foam Finger- designed by DangerBrain, manufacturing will begin soon!

Yearbook- being manufactured now!

Calendar-being manufactured now!

Script Book- being designed now!

Props- at the office and waiting to be signed!

L33Tb0x- being designed by Freddie!

Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray- being designed now!


Adobe Interview with Freddie Wong and Ben Waller!


Our buddy Jimmy Wong is going to play in a nice gory infected people film.
It’s a remake of the 1980’s classic Nightmare city

here’s the film’s Indiegogo:


##VGHS S3 April 13th on Netflix!!!