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Let’s all wish a Happy Birthday to our very own Web-Master @Danny everyone!!!

:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :cake: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:


Happy birthday @Danny. Have a good one!


##Matt Arnold Twitter News!

So yesterday we selected our 8 short films we are making for our Hulu Show. Think of them as HUGE freddiew shorts.

Filming our first in april - easily bigger stunts than anything we even did in VGHS. Super excited about it.

While updating random stuff - This Week At is still happening. Its just we filmed a HUGE one - the ball pit - that is going on main channel

After that video launched, this week at will return as a consistent show. We are looking at every other week for the bigger episodes.

With shorter ones in between. So at least some version of This Week At every week on


Happy birthday Web-Master Danny!!!


That’s awesome - can’t wait for the Hulu thing and the Ball Pit video! :smiley:


##Josh Blaylock’s Youtube Channel!

Hey all! Josh Blaylock from the show we all know and love is starting up a Youtube Channel on Monday! If you have ideas for Josh go to his Twitter page and suggest away! :smile: Josh’s Twitter!


and it’s not season 4 of VGHS.


Hm, bad news ) John have his channel on YouTube?


Johanna and Josh is went? Or simply do not publish photos together?


I’m sorry? What are you asking?


In social networks, little photo Johanna with Josh, they broke up ?


No? Not that it’s really any of our business, but they’re married.


I am very glad to hear it :wink:


##Josh Blaylock’s Youtube Channel!

Hey there everyone! So if you haven’t heard already Josh Blaylock from our beloved show that we all miss VGHS has created his very own Youtube channel feel free to subscribe here to Josh’s channel!!

While you’re here check out his first video on Photography! :smile:


Awesome! I’ll check out the video right now!!


Guys I have 1 qs. Is Josh B. still married with Johanna?


For as far as we know; yes.


Is good to know that :grin: Thanks for ur answer!!
I asked that because in Josh´s Youtube Channel there is someone (In the comments) that said that they splited up… + in their twittter accounts they dont have any photos of each other…

PD: There are chances of having a sequel of VGHS!! or at least is what Josh said in an interview!!! link:

Sorry for my Eng, I am from Spain xD.


Don’t fret to much about you english dude, we are a global cummunity. I myself am from the Netherlands. As long as we can understand you it’s allright, and we can help you improve.
As to the chances of a sequel; this may point to the animated series (with all new characters) that is going to be made sometime in the future. Live action wise there won’t be anymore VGHS (except for maybe fan films). The creators have made it very clear that they have closed off VGHS (as a live action) and are moving on to improve their expertise and try new, exciting and bigger things.

there have been more questions about Josh and Johanna recently, the knowledge of these things is not within this community.
However, this should calm everyone for a bit: (IMDB)


Thanks a lot Jasper!
But I will never lose the hope of seeing another ´´live’’ sequel of VGHS in the future!
Maybe the (Creators) would change their opinion in some years due to fans pressure and maybe they would decide to continue the live sequel with the same actors… + In Josh’s Interview he said that he would participate in another live season/sequel of VGHS!!!
We never know what could happen in the future.