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Big news for the VGHS/Rocketjump community today!!! VGU HAS BEEN CONFIRMED!!! :smile:

But not really… Happy April fools Day everyone!!! :confetti_ball: :stuck_out_tongue: :confetti_ball:


This is brilliant!


Get excited everyone!!!

Edit: completely forgot it’s April Fools. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I though it was true for 2 seconds… I want the sequel!!


##RJFS On Periscope!!

Periscope is an app where people can broadcast live anywhere from there phones! So pull out your phones and download the Periscope app and make sure to follow @RJFilmschool to join in on the broadcast later today!

Apple iTunes Link!


##Freddie’s Crowd Funding Advice!!!

Ever wanted to start your own crowd funding campaign but don’t know where to start? Well Freddie recently got interviewed by Joshua Cohen on tubefilter check it out here!!!


Just read the interview, Freddie gave some really good advice. Loved it. :smiley:


##Event Over!!!

Quick update if you guys haven’t already follow @RJFS on Periscope you are already missing out on a look at the new Hulu show Rocketjump is filming!

Car crash coming up in 30 Minutes



It’s a sign #Dimension404


It’d be great if they did a Year Zero and I Love Bees -esque ARG thing to coincide with the launch of Dimension 404, as far as i can tell it would fit in brilliantly with the theme of the show.



Everyone rejoice!!! Netflix!!


I saw that RJ just got all of VGHS onto Netflix. I would like to know the strategy behind this. At least when it comes to people my generation (early 20’s) and younger, we get a lot of our entertainment from YouTube. And those already familiar with Freddie’s stuff will watch VGHS on YouTube. To me personally, I don’t have any incentive to go to Netflix. If it’s already free on YT, why pay to watch it on Netflix? (playing devil’s advocate, I already have a Netflix account hehehe). Is this move to get a broader audience who does not watch stuff on YT? Is this also to gain more legitimacy among the older generations? Just some thoughts.


Well now that i have Netflix, i’ll be sure to check it out


I don’t know what it is about some people not watching it when it comes out on YT it doesn’t make sense to me either. It seems that a lot of people aren’t even aware it’s on YT and only exclusively on Netflix. A part of the audience comes from Netflix and I guess RJ is just trying to satisfy their odd but justifiable need as well!

TLDR: People are weird! :laughing:

Update: This article might justify!


##Freddie Drops Some Knowledge!

Watch The Interview Here!

(Embed wouldn’t work)
While at NAB 2015 Freddie drops some knowledge on the new HULU show, Dimension 404 and RJFS!!!


That was an awesome interview, really had some great information about online content creating and such. I definitely agree with Freddie that building an audience is essential for doing more “lengthy” videos. Man, can’t wait for Dimension 404!!! :smiley:




Come show @D_ii some love on his stream of Split/Second!


Thanks for spreading the word good sir. Gonna try and do this more frequently with awesome games.


Clint And Freddie Play Bloodborne


Come now!


Join the Freddie and Joey for a live Twitter chat tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. pst! Use the hashtags #NX1 and #RJFilmSchool