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Hey everyone!

Not doing anything tonight?

Tune into to watch the one and only @D_ii stream after hours!


Awwww yissssss. Yo @D_ii what do you got planned?


As most of you may already know, the Twitch streaming schedule has changed, the only difference being that Darnell is now on Mondays at 6pm PST, and the shorts team are no longer appearing on Twitch on a Tuesday. The remainder of this schedule remains the same.
For the full schedule visit or I believe @Kevin_Nguyen has described the old one below.
Hope to see you there! :smiley:


Good news everyone!



Congrats to Dean @Lauren producer @cherish director @JoeyScoma Professor @Kevin_Senzaki and all the manny others who made and make this filmschool what it is!


Hellllllllyeah! Nice to see a few hard years of work pay off!

…and so glad we’re done with all-nighters trying to hit that 5/1/2015 deadline :smile:


Yay !
RJFS is still young but has been something important in my life since it was launched. So thanks to everyone who made it possible, and let’s start a second year of film learning !


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear RJ Film School,
Happy Birthday to you! :cake: :tada: :gift: :birthday:

I’ve always been inspired and entrained by RocketJump, but the Film School just gave me the kick start I needed to begin making my own! Their unique method of edutainment has made them the best! Both the videos and the streams are fun, and informative.

Loving your work guys, keep it up! :smiley:


Yay, thanks @Jasper_Cloud and everyone who has found or followed our work since we started. It’s crazy how much we love our jobs. Our audience, especially you guys in the forums, make every moment so, so worthwhile.

It’s a total labor of love and hard work so thanks a ton for watching and engaging with us! :heart_eyes:


Amazing program from the start guys!!! :smile: @cherish @Lauren @JoeyScoma @Kevin_Senzaki it’s been awesome to see the effect you’ve had on me, as well as the entire RJ/Filmaker community! Here’s to many more years! :beers: :birthday: :tada:


Happy birthday to you as well Cherish! :birthday: :tada:


Thanks @aoshaw21!! :grin:


Australian Fans Rejoyce!!!

The RJ Australian Store Front Is now open! GET YOUR VGHS/ROCKETJUMP FIX ON!!!

Australian Store Front


Awww yeah. Big thanks to Hanabee for helping us get off the ground in the southern hemisphere!


I saw that the other day, great to see you guys are improving the experience for all users! Good job! :smiley:


Aw hell yeah, i’d say this is as good of an excuse as any to get the VGHS box set now!


enter dimension 404
Production has begun!


More D404 news


Oh man this cast is going to be hype as explative


We got a few more up our sleeves. Don’t worry. It gets even better.


Isn’t Joel McHale also in the cast?