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@Sean_F yup! So far we’ve announced:

Stay tuned for more casting announcements!


Sizzle Reel Goodness!!

Haven’t posted in my thead for awhile :sweat:…BUT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE ROCKETJUMP 2016 SIZZLE REEL, HERE IT IS!


RocketJump @Rose City Comic Con!!!

For any one of our lovely forum users at RCCC or anyone that is curious, here’s the RJ schedule of stuff they’re doing at the event!!! :smile:


Power Windows!!!

New short just dropped! Directed by the one and only @Clint! made possible by the team over at Lootcrate! Our very own @holland also makes a special guest apperance!


@Daniel What is that dope song you guys used in your sizzle reel or is it secret.


It’s a Max Waller original! I don’t know if Max is going to release it anywhere but his social is @MaxtonWaller on Twitter and his site is Maybe he’ll release it if people ask? I’ll give him a shout too :+1:


The 5 Million Dollar RocketJump Tour!!

Calhoun…I mean Harley Morenstien picked up vloging! Most of you know he guest appeared in the fairly recent short “Sweet Justice” this is a little BTS I guess you could say and the Office Tour everyone has always wanted :laughing: enjoy!!!

Shout out to @JoeyScoma for giving a sick tour!

p.s. everyone’s favorite big blue bird is also in this video and our beloved gong :cry:


Crap did he forget to give me my $5MM before he left? Could have really used that… :confused:


The RJ Secret Service will deal with that…


Special Edition F. Wong Sachtler Tripod!!!

Sachtler has been working with Rocketjump to produce this totally sleek tri-pod with @FreddieW and the go film maker in mind! Be sure to check it out!

Thanks to @Trisha for posting the original blog post!!!


Sachtler Special Edition Ace Tripod Press Release


You’re so darling! Did you watch the vid??


I did indeed :laughing: it was great!


Watch Freddie Edit The New Video Dropping Saturday!!

Freddie is editing Saturday’s video right now! :scream:

Twitching it up while we still can.

Here are some of my personal favorite moments from last nights stream!

LIVE with the Film School!

Play The Rocketjump Office Quiz!

Bored and have nothing to do? Play this quiz I discovered a while ago made by some mysterious person at RJ with a playbuzz account! Enjoy, see if you can beat me! :wink:

How Well Do You Know The Office At RJ?


"Super Fan!"


I’m not surprised at all!


Same Result lol


I’m proud of you :joy:


RocketJump November Update!

Wondering what’s going on with RJ? Say no more! Here’s an update video!!!


Now I know why @Daniel is always so active here, being stuck must really help!

I loved all the little easter eggs, I won’t go through all of them but to mention one, I liked the use of the free sounds!

I’m so hyped for ALL of this! This video made my day!