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Haha, awesome way to break news, it couldn’t be more close to what I envision how an avarage day at RocketJump goes :smiley:


Hey @Daniel what are Jake and Jon currently working on? I remember they were mentioned in the past update video but not on this one.




That’s awesome you noticed!! I try to favor stuff I’ve recorded myself whenever possible, so I’m sure they’ll be cropping up in D404 too…


I heard the slinky/laser and I legit uttered the words, “Oh, Kevin”


So. Many. EASTER EGGS :stuck_out_tongue:


They’re both working outside of RocketJump day to day, but still working on a potential long-form project with us. If it all works out, we’ll let you know as soon as we know!


awesome update. in regards to the shorts team though and Clint and Freddie just taking over= are the rest of the shorts gang working on something else at Rocketjump then?


I think Jimmy is going to work on his own project Band Aid (correct me if I’m wrong @jfwong)
Clint is obviously still there.
for the rest i don’t know


@jacenK the rest have all moved on to different projects. Freddie talks about it a bit in the blog post that went out today:


I laughed at 1:26, obviously @Kevin_Nguyen had to be in the video.
I’m a bit sad about the changes in the shorts team as I loved this year’s videos but I guess it’s for the best.


What about the previous shorts team (besides Clint) ?
And second question, somebody knows who will be the composer for Dimension 404 ?


thank you kindly for the update


@Pablo The rest of the shorts team are now off pursuing other projects.

I actually do not know who the composer for D404 will be. Maybe we’ll know soon


Aw thanks for the kind words on the shorts @Spica. The Shorts Team worked hard on them so it’s nice to hear.


Hey @Pablo, @jfwong actually just wrote up a whopper of a post over in this topic:


great update @jfwong - thank you for answering some questions


Experimental RocketJump Vlog!

@FreddieW decided to do something ingenious! Trying to vlog a day at RocketJump, check it out!


Just put a new thread up for it, thought it might be a nice place to share any future episodes:


Hitfilm Interviews RocketJump!

Hitfilm just uploaded an interview with our very own @Lauren and @Clint! Check it out for some filmmaking tips and other cool stuff.