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"Oh, whats up @Kevin_Senzaki "


New year new banner! Not really it’s because I just realized newsroom is one word :laughing:


#RJFS update from the office of the Dean!
As announced in the end of the latest Film School episode, they’ll be cutting down to monthly videos. Don’t panic, it’s all explained in a blog post by @Lauren!

It’ll be OK, it will all be OK.


First Films by Indy Mogul: Dez Dolly

Our boy @DezDolly does a very insightful podcast with Indy Moguls very own Justin Johnson on Dez’s early days of film-making and what got the ball rolling!


Thanks for sharing Kev.

BIG NOTE EVERYONE, 4/04 is not yet a confirmed release date! This pod was recorded before the network decided to reevaluate the release date. So just, FYI. You’ll be getting a trailer soon, along with the official street date!!


Freddie also on the podcast


#Dimension 404 TEASER TRAILER
As we all probably have seen, the D404 teaser is out, alongside an official release date!

Here’s the full write-up about international release:

D404 News/Updates

This just in:

Story Break now also in video format! watch or listen to the newest episode “METROID” here


#Huge Update!
In case any of you have missed it, a new update discussing the direction RocketJump will take dropped in the past few weeks. As always with an update video, it’s pretty crazy too! :smile:


#New Series - Mini Docs!
In the first episode of a new IRL series, @Matt and @FreddieW go on a road trip from Nashville to LA!


That’s fun how it’s never a vlog.
We had the Experimental Vlog, now it’s a Mini Doc but it has never been a VLOG.

It was a great watch, also I’m always surprised by how much Matt loves board games.


This just in!
#RocketJump launches its first smartphone app, Chromascreen!
What’s this all about? See for yourself below!

But if you’d rather download it straight away, no hesitation, no questions asked, then here are the links you’re looking for:

  • Android users, download on Google Play here!
  • Apple users, download on iTunes here!