RocketJump Fan Meet-up


We’re celebrating our 10 year Anniversary and going to see Gods of Egypt with all of our friends in the Community! If you’re in the LA area, come join us!

Here’s the link to the Facebook Event!


Sounds cool I thought you meant La for a second there :expressionless: oh well though. I always see the RJ announcements or videos and how it’s in LA for a moment every time I believe it’s La :joy:


If only I was in the LA area! lol


Put me down as a maybe but almost definitely no?

Stuff has been stuck processing in almost everyone’s CMS today, and YT has been all - OH NO… well shrug - so I’m probably gonna have to work tomorrow :unamused:


Perhaps I’ll be able to come to the 20 year anniversary :cry:


Looks like none of us can go. :neutral_face:


:expressionless: yeah That kind of really sucks I would have driven from La to LA for something like this if I had a car :frowning:


So, was any of you able to go ?


I wish. I ended up at a movie theater alone in La turns out this happened in LA :frowning:


yah. This. same here…


seconded. Turns out, plane tickets are expensive.


Yea it kinda sucks not living in LA or NYC when you want to do film as a career. Its worse though when you live in a place that used to have a pretty good film industry and then you got to watch it vanish right in front of you.



International plane tickets cost a lot. :sob: