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As we now know a bit more about Rocketjumps plans for 2016, we know that there is a new dedicated shorts team of whom we may expect an awsome new short every other week for the rest of the year.
They are:

I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where we can discuss all the new videos and bts from this amazingly talented team. So that is what this is.

The first video is allready up and they are of with a (not) bang!


I really think that it is a great short and a great start, so I am looking forward to the great variety of shorts to come.
What I liked most about this short were the lighting and props, but also the great humor. And Clinton “Pwnisher” Jones his performance was a joy to see as well. It is my favorite short from this team so far!

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And here is the BTS
Like all the BTS we know from rocketjump, a great combo of insights and humor


The flour in the table was very clever imo


i thought so as well, def writing down flour on the prop list


I thought nuclear hiccup was fantastic. It had the short easily digestible format of the classic freddiew content so that is very exciting especially for all the people out on the internet who go into a complete panic when ever anything changes. My question for the shorts team now going forward is so you think you will make and videos that reference some of the freddiew back log like milkman or the flower warfare saga?


The goal of the team isn’t to reference old Freddiew videos necessarily, but just make engaging and substantial content that interests us as filmmakers. We started off with Nuclear Hiccup because we thought it would make a nice transition for older enfranchised Freddiew fans. Our next short has zero guns!


It would be awesome if you made it a challenge to incorporate something from previous shorts into future shorts. So, in the next short, someone might have the hiccups or there’s a gun sitting on a table in the background. Then in the clip after that one, you need to have a gun (or something from,“Nuclear Hiccup”) and then something from your next clip. Sorry if this was all over the place but I just thought it would be cool to have little Easter eggs in your shorts.


While a fun idea, we’re trying to make each video its own individual thing. Referencing old videos is something that probably is not in the ballpark of what we’re trying to do - the focus is on creating compelling stories. Anything that would get in the way of that for ‘fun’s’ sake won’t really fly.


Agreed with @jfwong. Although it does sound like a clever idea, I feel like it will be creating almost another “thing” on the RocketJump channel, and I feel like each short having its own individual story not related to the previous is just a better format for RocketJump. But again, it is definitely a good idea and I would love to see RocketJump somehow pull it off in the far future.


After watching the behind the scenes, I kinda wish that the film school would make a joke Pro Tip with Ellary…



Are You Afraid?


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Glad you guys are doing the BTS on your day to day activities and the process of doing weekly projects. been trying to get my team into that process as well, its very inspirational that we are in the same realm. thank you all


Behind the Scenes - Are You Afraid?

Lighting day as night turned out excellent. I hadn’t noticed anything off when watching the actual Short (not that my opinion counts for much).
My favorite part of this BTS has to be Anthony’s face while holding the light. Fun that that image is the thumbnail for the video.


For those of you that haven’t seen the shorts team has struck again with "Sleep Fighter!"

I’m a big fan of this short, it’s a great blend of action and comedy. Additionally despite being relitivelh short it’s features a pleasantly surprising amount of character development.

The BTS is also up so give it a watch!

If you have questions about fight choreography on a shorter time table you can find answers here. I am only left with one question: what is it with the shorts team and not wearing shirts?


Haha i loved it so much


That elbow drop was great.


we need to but the team a ac so they arent dying of heat when shooting. that or im doing something wrong by keeping my shirt on on set.


The other big question is : What’s up with the masks ?