RocketJump Shorts


Sleep fighter is one my fav short of the team. Great work everybody.
Also i’d really like how do you achieve to have this really clean look. Is it the color correction or the camera ? I mean, it’s really good looking, even more than your two previous shorts.


Excellent fight choreography put together, learned, and performed quickly.


Actor Flies Off the Handle!


Is that a protomen song parody at the end?
Loved this short! The shorts team is fire!

EDIT: oh I believe it’s actually a kenny loggins song, I just happened to only know the protomen cover and knew some of the RJ staff are big fans and have used protomen songs throughout VGHS.




Yup, here’s the song


yes! this is how I know it:

have a listen :slight_smile:


There is now a huge argument in the office for whether it should be called “Actor takes off from set!” or “Actor flips out on set”


Just updated the title.


I need Anthony’s T-shirt…
Anyone know where can I find it?


Tiger Jones. A true American treasure


Actor Flies Off the Handle! - Behind the Scenes


I searched a bit but I didn’t found that cool shirt, sorry. :<


A Bad Video


knocked it out of the park. well done


Who was this directed by? Seems very Clint-ish/Karmen-ish/Burch-ish


I think we might be able to figure that out when the BTS comes online


A Bad Video - Behind the Scenes


So apparently it has been directed by the whole short team. Story-boarded before shooting.


I feel like the BtS for A Bad Video could tie into a RJFS video about Storyboarding.


There’s an rjfs video on storyboarding coming this Friday if I remember right