RocketJump Shorts


I’ve been waiting for this one as I was wondering how it was shot.
Also, imaginative blood recipes are always fascinating !


Oh, and we have some infos about the next short at 0:34 !




Just watched it and honestly it was hilarious.


#Welcome To Gainsville - Behind The Scenes


It’s good to be enthusiastic though, right?

Benji the fool

EDIT: picture’s gone now, but it was a screenshot of Benji with the caption ‘Complete Fool’


I’m not going to lie I was at the gym yesterday and I may have screamed mcstackpack while I was benching


Enthusiastic is probably the best word to describe that short.



It is “Pumped”


Pool Fart!

We’ve been told about that one in two BTS, it’s now out !


Pool Fart! - Behind The Scenes

Anthony inflating a boat, no gimball fix, melting face…
Also farts.


Sweet Justice


Hers that sweet justice sweet sweet bts y’all!


1-2 Fist… 1-2 Money…


#Triple Wong Dare You


“places with hella money”

and at 1:27 I totally expected some gun loadout scene where Freddie would barge in with some kind of sawed off.

Props to whoever did the lighting on this short, really colorful!


#And now… The BTS!


Yo @VideoVigilantes, the lighting in this short was all the boss herself, our very own DP extraordinaire @Lauren!


Speed Enforced By Aircraft

That new short was directed by Clinton Jones !

If you want to learn how the baby prop was made, you can check it out here :

Or if you prefer, directly on Youtube.


I actually first heard about indy mogul because they were guests on one of the facerocker podcasts :smiley: