RocketJump Shorts


This has got to be one of Clint’s best and probably my favorite out of all of the shorts team shorts. This is up there with his Wolfenstein and Cardboard Warfare series, but I still consider his Sleeping Dogs one to be the best. Fantastic work!


BTS for speed enforced by Aircraft!


I have been watching the last bit–the part with @Clint on the truck as it’s backing up–on repeat for at least 5 minutes now. Can’t get over it.


It must have been really hard to shoot.


Ahahah! Glad you liked it! Thanks for the support!


Yeah it was rough. We were lucky to be in a car though. We had that AC on blast.


Hey thanks a ton for the compliments =] Means a lot!


Super late to the party, so I won’t bother leaving some disjointed mess by commenting on each short; but I did want to at the very least state how much of a genuine smile I had when I saw that Clint was finally able to integrate a variation of his MechWarrior into a Short, even if it was an F-14 and not a Wolf mech.

I’ve enjoyed every Short thus far, and if ya’lls work on the show is anything to go by, I know it’ll be a blast from here on out.

Oh, and “1-2 Fist… 1-2 Money” would make a pretty good ringtone if someone could bribe Kevin to cleaning up the audio and posting it on i-Tunes… just an awesome idea off the top of my head.


@Kevin_Senzaki hey Kev, what’s your bribe rate?


Man, every time i even see the words “1-2 First… 1-2 Money” it gets stuck in my head :expressionless:


You’ll need 1-2 fists full of 1-2 money


1’s I can do, 2 dollar bills are a little harder to come by though.


@Kevin_Senzaki are ringtones still a thing? I didn’t know they were still a thing.


“Dude, that is So a thing.”



Yeah, but you know inside you still feel the urge to bob your head to it.:sunglasses:


Ooh dude I’m right there with ya. We gotta slap that audio over a sick beat.


…so, $4 @Kevin_Senzaki ?


It’s on my to-do list for sure; that imaginary $4 may go towards a sick back beat, am I right @Daniel


Dude I’m —>| |<----- that close to offering a RocketJump t-shirt as wager for a “best 1-2 fist ringtone” competition.

I’m in. @Kevin_Senzaki you in? Who else on here is in?