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Are ring tones still a thing, and if so, are there actual duration limits?

What I’m asking, is am I disqualified if I turn in a 15 minute abstract soundscape mix


Now I’m really regretting that Xbox ONE purchase over replacing my PC, if only for the audio software :angry:


Great, I’m here for all of 5 minutes, and I’m already corrupting the forums with gambling and offers of bribery. I can’t take myself anywhere these days.


No dude, I think that means you win. How about we say >15 seconds and <1minute, just to keep it reasonable?


I have a few friend with whom I could try to make something, That would be really cool !


Mon Daycare

New short dropped this afternoon!!!


Hero of The Storm


hero of the storm BTS


You can actually buy the Buff AF tee, for a limited time! Or as @Cherish calls it, the buffalo tee:


I’ve been playing quite a bit of Overwatch lately, and Tracer was spot on, the effects, sounds, her behavior, her weapons and costumes too, one thing I could add is that I would have loved if she had actual lines, maybe I’m the only one, but I do love her over the top cheerful British accent and the catchphrases she uses. Like “Oh, rubbish” when she gets blown up, not just Oh. I know that almost nobody spoke in the short, so silent Tracer was consistent with what you aimed for, so this is not a complaint in any way. All-in-all, nice short!


I’d buy a shirt that just says “BUFFALO” on it.


I’d buy a “Buffalo AF” shirt.


We were fortunate that Blizzard provided sound assets for all the characters, so I had the original Tracer sound files to use as a foundation! I’m glad to hear it felt accurate in regards to her sounds; there was a lot of additional material and manipulation done, but it’s hopefully invisible. The main thing is that game SFX don’t always translate to “cinematic language,” so it was a lot of making things hit harder, feel brighter, extending cues, and adding extra details that the game files don’t need to include.

Aaaanyway - the point of this post! Tracer says two things in the short; the first “boo!” is actually our own @CFG doing a stellar impression (which I shifted up one semitone to match closer to Tracer’s voice register), and then her “oh…” at the end is an actual Tracer line from Blizzard.


@FreddieW tweeted awhile back that something was pushing back this short from releasing. What exactly was the problem, if you know?


@Kevin_Nguyen HotS Brawl’s launch date :wink:


Ahhhhhh I see! That makes sense.


That’s cool that you had the original sounds, I can imagine it made your job a lot easier to make it as authentic as possible, I think you did a great job, it translated well to the “cinematic language” as you’ve put it. And the using the Hollywood map’s green screen ingame is actually a genius idea in my opinion :slight_smile:

Kudos to Cate too, I would love to hear her complete impression, with full accent and all :smiley:



There isn’t a film school shorts thread so I’m just gonna put this here. The second horror short produced by RJFS for RocketJump Fright School! Again staring the fabulous @CFG. You guys are gonna love it.

Here’s last years short just for kicks!


I’m gonna stick this one on here, even with its hidden status.

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#Mon Daycare BTS


#Five Nights at Freddie’s
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One last note: maybe a thread name change to “The RocketJump Shorts” or similar would be appropriate now?