RocketJump Shorts



new rocketjump short!


First short of the year! 2017 is looking great for RocketJump :tada:


Was that Brett from Corridor playing Wick???


Yup yup yup

That it is!


Aw that’s pro, seeing the two companies technically collaborate in some form is great. Brings me back to the days where they all worked in the same building.


They just all hang a lot. Jimmy was at CD playing real life GTA not all that long ago. And ben Waller works there now. I’m sure we’ll keep seeing people pop up at both places indefinitely


i thought that was RJ Ben- i just didnt take the time to completely confirm it. thanks @Jasper_Cloud


looks like they’ve borowed @clint for an upcoming short


#Dog Wick BTS
The behind the scenes for Dog Wick is up now on RocketJump 2!


i love pool fart that short is
the whole reason why
today i am here i thank RocketJump.


New short!




And the newest short:
#the floor is lava

In which, not entirely unsurprising, the floor is indeed lava.


@Clint I really enjoyed this video. Especially 5:45. Very creative especially with using Brett’s body as a boat. Also, loved the lighting, reminds me of the Roger Deakins house fire scene from Skyfall. Anyways, awesome video!



How to make the floor lava if you have no access to actual lava


@Jasper_Cloud get we the script? From “The Floor is lava”.


You’ll have to ask @Clint if you want to see the script.


@Jasper_Cloud I wrote him, but he didn’t answer. No time?


He’s probably not logging into the forums now. Twitter (or similar) is probably the best way for you to contact him.


@aoshaw21 I’ve no twitter, facebook or another network account.


ive been looking everywhere but i cant pin down any tv show intros or fonts similar to that used in “flower warfare: the beginning”, is there any tutorial anywhere on how to make a title intro such as that one or any similar fonts available.