RocketJump: The Show - TEASER!


Teaser for RocketJump’s upcoming Hulu show!

Are you excited? Of course you are. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU?? What do you think?


I am super excited! But I’m biased.


That doesn’t matter, we are all on this hype train together :smile:


Did anybody else notice that the bus-punching-guy isn’t in the shot anymore the when the bus is making its salto mortale?
so not only does he have super strength, but also the power of teleportation…


The all powerful bus puncher.


So is the show only going to be available through Hulu? Will there be an option for those who do not have Hulu?


Not that I know of, but all the amsome shorts will be on youtube, free to watch


Does anyone know the name of the song played when Darnell gets up to do the trailer?


What time will it be until it comes out