Rocketjump the show to netflix


Hi guys, I was thinking if it was a good idea to let the show come to netflix??



I think their particular deal was made with Hulu which is why it ended up there. However i completely agree, i’d love to see it on every platform possible!


@daimpie06 I’m sure somebody from Rocket Jump will chime in on this, but it’s less of a question of whether or not it would be nice to have the show on Netflix, but more of a question of how distribution deals work and how different companies have different regions divided. It would be sweet, but it’s not nearly as easy as say, vimeo vs. youtube, where one can simply upload a video on the platform. You have to have a deal with that company and a contract therein, and some companies want you to themselves. I would imagine that since Hulu and Netflix are competitors, RJ the Show is unlikely to appear on Netflix, at least in the US where Hulu is based.


Without further comment, @BDHTaylor is in the ballpark. This one’s out of our hands for now.