Rocketjump: The Show


I’ve just noticed of late that we do not have a thread dedicated to the wonderful Rocketjump: The Show. So let this be the thread to share our thoughts on the topic.

Episode 1:

Hulu link:

International viewing:


I’m really enjoying the show. I wish the episodes were longer.

Also a big thanks for looking out for international viewers!


So far I’m loving the new show. It’s something fresh and something they haven’t done before, and on top of everything else it’s awesome to see how RocketJump came from just some friends making movies to a whole production team with lots of other crew members. It’s also awesome that they did the 1 month free Hulu thing! :smile:


RJ: The show makes me wonder what RocketJump’s first feature film will look like, and how those stuck-up film critics will react to it( yes I know there are many film critics that are cool but you know those film critics that say the film sucked because blah blah blah). I love the show. Reminiscent of the times when Freddie and Brandon were making those shorts, yet something new, something different. Keep it up!


I’m about to get the show on Google Play, but then I’m faced with this tricky decision!

What should I do?
I’m not afraid to pay a little extra if it’s really worth it (I’m already guessing it will be!). What do you all think?

  • High Definition
  • Standard Definition

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Do what makes you happy! The show is going to be the show one way or another. If you’re somebody that needs ALLLL the pixels to be happy, get it in HD.


Feel, don’t think, use your instincts!
(And may the Force be with you! :smiley:)


I forgot to tell that since I was in america and able to watch hulu I Watched RJ the show and can now report that I thoroughly enjoyed it. As I do with all your behind the scenes schtuff. Any word on a season 2? (of either of the hulu shows) :wink:


That’s awesome; thanks for checking it out! :stuck_out_tongue:

As both possibilities require other parties’ involvement, I don’t have anything definitive to say about either, but some interest definitely exists, so it’s within the realm of possibility! If we could green light and magically fund all our own projects, it’d of course happen right away, but… :stuck_out_tongue: