Rose Room (A Music Video)


Hey everyone, I recently made shot, directed, and edited this music video for a very good friend of mine. Any feedback good or bad is more than welcome as I am always looking to improve. Thank you for watching!


Hey well done, bold choice to go black and white.
I do think you could have improved it in the edit by editing a little more rhythmically. Also I don’t think the opening is all too cohesive, it feels like there’s shots missing so the story isn’t as clear and the setup isn’t as inviting as it could be.

There are also some things that I think could have used a little more attention while filming. Such as the framing, for example when you’re protagonist is playing the guitar at the beginning in the garage that shot isn’t very nice to look at with all that junk in front of him and him quite far away. It works better with the whole band but it’s still not a really tasty shot.
Also keep an eye on screen direction when the pig gang are at their tree they are looking and pointing right to left (some nice shots here by the way) but when they walk up to the garage they enter left to right so the direction is off and it doesn’t make sense visually.

With a little more attention to detail you can really make a video like this pop. So keep chasing that and good luck on the next one.

PS sadly this forum is closing down. If you want feedback in the future you can find a lot of the same people on the discord server.