School or Youtube?


Hey Everyone!

Recently, I got into film. It started as a hobby and now is something I do for a living.

I never went to school for it and I am always being told “man, your talented. You should go to school for film!”

Sometimes I ponder if I would be a better director/producer/videographer if I went the school route because I feel they would teach the fundamentals of film, which I believe is very important.

And on second thought, every time I struggle with lighting or color correcting or angles or anything that has to do with film, Google or Youtube sure enough has the answer.

My question is: Will school help an individual create better films? Has anyone gone to school and felt they learned what they needed in order to get to where they are right now? Or should I just stick to being a millenial and have Youtube be my teacher?



I will just leave a quick comment here since others in a similar situation surely have more insight than me, but what I’ve gathered from most is that the best thing about film school is the people. Networking with others and being forced to produce content.

I personally picked it up as a hobby, and still pursue it leisurely. I am going from independent research and practise and haven’t found any areas where I felt I couldn’t find the information/answers I was looking for. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, but it does take time and dedication to find and ingest it.

I also think there’s a factor of personal preference, but I’ll leave it there for others to chime in. Would be interested to hear from those who went to film school too.


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