Screenplay Formatting - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION


Well, it’s from far easier to write with one of those softwares.
In the same way novel writers had no computers before, but they would probably have used word processing softwares if they could.

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After the first draft, there are so many changes made, say a new scene is to be inserted in between scene 8 and 9 , so they can’t change the rest of 100 scene numbers. so they put new scene as 8A.


Hey, I know this post is eight days old, but you should definitely invest in some screenwriting software, especially if you’re a newbie. Part of what makes a screenplay a screenplay is the formatting. Your document, no matter how well-written it is, is simply masquerading as a screenplay if it’s not formatted correctly. Software like Moviemagic Screenwriter and Final Draft take care of that for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. but Celtx is free if you don’t have the dollars.


Hey @rebel! You got some great answers already but I thought I’d jump in too. The philosophical answer to your question of whether or not screenwriting software is important is…yes and no.

Yes, because a script ultimately becomes a tool for communication so it should be in a recognizable, easy-to-read format and software helps you do that…

No, because software is not a necessary tool in getting you to WRITE. A script is a document that communicates your vision to a group of people so use whatever is understandable for you and your crew. A word document might be fine if you are working with your friends.

Basically, get software if you can BUT it isn’t a make-or-break factor if you’re just exploring the idea of screenwriting.

Also since you mentioned Tarantino, he’s proof that everyone has a unique process. Tarantino famously doesn’t start writing on a computer – he does it all longhand (writing it out with pen and paper), finishes the script, and then re-types it all out on a word processor. See the interview here. So do whatever inspires you to actually start writing. The tool you use should be in service of that.


So. I uploaded here a script of the most annoying thing of one week in my life.


Will the script of “dimension 404” be released like those of VGHS?