Season 2 Behind the Scenes



I’m on my third run through of the three seasons and one thing I always like to do is watch the Behind the Scenes for each episode after I watch it.

Now I’m on Season 2 and realized that now the BTS episodes for season 2 aren’t on youtube, and that I can’t seem to watch the ones posted here in this website, using different browsers and different computers.

How can I watch the behind the scenes for Season 2? I like to watch them almost as much as I like watching the actual episodes…


@Danny - the video player on the website doesn’t work for me either.


Thanks for moving this t the right section! I hope this gets fixed soon.


Maybe the BTS could be uploaded to youtube, since the BTS for both seasons 1 and 3 are there :slight_smile:


I’m having some trouble as well I was able to watch it earlier and closed my browser and now the player won’t work.


I can’t watch any VGHS video here at rocketjump :confused:


And for some odd reason I discovered that Season 2 ep 2 BTS uses a different video player at rocketjump and that one works…


@joaopfer Let me chat with people about this and see what’s up. Thanks for your patience!


This will be resolved this week.


Thanks for the help!


I’m also getting the same issue attempting to view from the UK on explorer/firefox and chrome , it appears to be the case for not only season two’s behind the scenes but also any other video using the same player (Season 1 and 2 of the show itself but not the 3rd season which appears to be Youtube embeded?). One thing I have noticed is the title bar of all the videos in question appear to show a running time of 0:00 (see attached image) could this be part of the problem? Screenshot of Video showing Zero Running time.


Was any of this ever resolved or has it just started happening again? I can’t seem to get anything other than season 3 to play.


The issue has cropped up again. We are looking into reuploading the Season 2 BTS to YouTube. Stay tuned!


you better! i lost a year of my life in lack of sleep making those!