Shop shipping costs


hi there :slight_smile:

I’ve found VGHS on Netflix and I love it!

So I wanted to buy some stuff… but the shipping costs to germany are incredible high…! O__o#

Wanted to buy the “Limited Edition VHGS Complete Series Box Set”, the “VGHS Character ID”, the “VGHS Board Game” and the “VGHS Season 3 Jersey”.

But the shipping costs are 231,92 $ !!! O___o#
(before I also wanted to buy more… but the shipping costs have been over 300…)

If I would buy only the “Limited Edition VHGS Complete Series Box Set” and the “VGHS Character ID” shipping would be ok by 22,73.
But when I also buy the lovely “VGHS Season 3 Jersey” OR the “VGHS Board Game” shipping would be 88,06 $… ;____;

Do you know how it is calculated?
Paying 60 $ more for shipping because of a shirt is really crazy… x___x#

Ok buying only the “VGHS Season 3 Jersey” the shipping costs are 67,76 $. ;____;

I am very sad and hope someone can help me.
Perhaps it’s an ordering error? hope

Greetings from germany,



Does someone know if the Bluray is region free…? :worried:

Want to order it…


Something weird has been going on with the shipping, I noticed it too. I was looking into the script book and shipping was double the price of the product itself.

As for the blu-ray I do believe that’s region free. I’m from the Netherlands and the blu-rays I have work without problem.

I hope someone from rocketjump who knows what the deal is with the shop will read this though. I would wait a moment before ordering if I were you as this shipping is just not right.


Hi Jasper,

thank you so much for your fast answer! :slight_smile:

Ok then I hope someone can help us before the good things are sold… :wink:

Have you been at Dutch Comic Con this year?




I’m afraid to say I haven’t been to any comic con ever. :sweat_smile:
A visit to one is long overdue, I should go to the next one or something


I’m in France and I never ordered anything because of how expensive the shipping costs are.
But it seems RJ is currently moving their merch from the website to Amazon, maybe that it’ll make it easier to get it in Europe.