A set up is the combined placement of camera, lights, props, set dressing, and actors required for one or more shots. In this video, Lauren will show you how to determine what your set ups are, and how to use them to get the most out of your time on set. As we find out, filming efficiently often means filming your scene out of order

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Great post.

but the set ups and the shots all depents of the scene, and how the director wants to tell that story, and also, it depents of the style of the director. Rigth?


@GustavoRB16_02 which shots you use and how you light them are definitely up to the director’s vision and what they want to accomplish with the story, yes.

The core point of this video is that, given a bunch of shots your director wants to create, you have to think about how to shoot those shots efficiently or you’ll waste a ton of time and energy. Coming up with those shots is a completely different challenge!


Thanks RJFS for making this video!

The best shoots I’ve worked on have always focused on maximizing filming efficiency by scheduling proper set ups.

Just like with most of filming, preproduction can make a world of difference.