Singleplayer Video Game Suggestions?


Historically I have only ever played multiplayer games. The closest I’ve gone to singleplayer is maybe Borderlands and Portal.

Anyone have suggestions on games that are exclusively singleplayer??


What kind of games are you into? Do you like RPGs (final fantasy x, any Zelda)? Action hack and smash (god of war, dark souls/bloodborne)? Shooters (deus ex)? Strategy (FTL)? I assume you’ve played the obvious single player titles like…you know…Mario games?


Metro 2033? I’m pretty sure it’s exclusively singleplayer


I like all kinds of games. In the past I have played mostly shooters, but I am open to play any games


What platforms are you on? That may help narrow it down in some cases!

And anything you’re looking for in terms of session length/overall time commitment? Most multiplayer titles have 15 minute to an hour match durations, but some single player titles may demand more per session to really get anything done. There’s some great stuff you can beat in two hours, and some stuff that’s 100+ to get everything, etc. etc.


I mostly play PC now but I do have an xbox 360 and an xbox One.
In terms of length… a game that isn’t so long that it gets boring, but also not so short that the game is over before I get to enjoy it.
Really any suggestions are good


I think you could have good fun with age of empires, single or multiplayer.
another suggestion I have is half life (2)
my gaming history is somewhat too thin for my own liking so nothing else on your platforms that i’ve played springs to mind right now. I’ve heard good things about kings quest, super meat boy, and bioshock.
Oh I just see that this weekend is publishers weekend on steam, you might like to have a look. The lego games are always delightful and funny


That’s pretty subjective, but here’s some stuff I’ve enjoyed recently:

Doom - has a really fun campaign and really addictive combat flow. Online isn’t bad either; it’s not the greatest old-school Quake-style shooter ever, but those are a rarity nowadays. But it’s mainly about the campaign.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - I personally dig the series and I’m still tearing around in the new one without having beaten it yet (@FreddieW probably thinks I’m insane with how much item looting and non-essential crap I do). The one downside is the new one really crutches plot-wise on the previous game (Deus Ex: Human Revolution), which should be on Steam for pretty darn cheap (get the Director’s Cut version or whatever it’s called), if you want to try the older one and see if it’s your thing. If stealth-favoring, small sandbox combat arenas with a cyberpunk theme sounds fun (think hacking gun turrets and emails, cybernetic upgrades to see and punch through walls, etc.), then it may be your thing.

Souls series - Dark Souls 1~3 should all be on Xbox (unless you’re invested in console titles on PC and have a good control pad, etc., I’d probably down-vote the PC versions?). You probably are familiar with the series at least by reputation, so I don’t need to say much about it. I’d highly recommend Dark Souls 1 or 3; I would suggest skipping 2 at least as you first entry into the series. Though it’s subjective opinion, I think Dark Souls 1 has the most overall impactful and memorable journey, but Dark Souls 3 refines some non-trivial gameplay design flaws that the first title has.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - another cheap snag on Steam, this has been my spiritual Solitaire replacement for a couple years. Games last about 30~45 minutes assuming you don’t die on the way. Randomly generated dungeon crawl (Diablo meets Zelda with a cutesy-satanic art style). Tons and tons and tons of unlockable (characters, weapons, further stages and bosses) that keep adding into the mix, effectively turning your repeat plays into a longer, constantly evolving journey. I have like 250 hours on it on Steam. Not ashamed.

Are there any big-name single player series you’re curious about? Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, etc.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is my favourite single player game right now, I would recommend it, but it’s best when you play the previous 2 before starting this (and even better if you read the books before that :smiley: ), and it’s really long, so maybe it’s not in your favourite territory.

If you’re willing to go for older games, then maybe LA Noire, it has shooting elements, but it’s mostly focused around investigating and interrogating and if I remember it’s not as open and long as a GTA game.

Or if you’re really willing to try anything, my favourite unfortunately forgotten game that is as far from a multiplayer shooter as something can be is Beyond Good and Evil. It’s a 2003 French platformer/adventure game with a great female protagonist, awesome music and a very unique style. It’s the most charming game I’ve ever played, and I’m still hopelessly waiting for the sequel. It was well received critically but failed financially.

On the other side the Bioshock games are safe bets if you’re looking for classic single player FPSs


Beyond good and evil is definitely one I’d recommend as well! playing it on the ps2 myself right now


Thanks for all the suggestions. I plan on picking up some of these games as soon as there is another steam sale.


Gotta go with Kevin here. Mankind Divided has taken up a lot of my free time the last week or so.My 1st and still current play through is a stealth first, scorched Earth response second, explore and loot EVERYTHING game. Haven’t beaten yet, but that’s only because of the shear number of hours logged on to IRL work.

Great game for multiple path acts. @reverendanthony apparently played through a Ironman “Dead is Dead” play through. Maybe check with him for a decent review from a game writer’s perspective.


Hyper light drifter is a fantastic and challenging top down action RPG


Souls games in offline mode (this includes Bloodborne). 11/10 lot of games.
Dishonored is a radical little favourite of mine, it’s a kind of spiritual successor to the old thief franchise with painterly graphics and a pretty cool mechanics and story.
Other things that come to mind are the Bioshock series, wonderful bits of fps storytelling.
Bastion and Transistor are another pair of wonderful single player games with a wonderful art style and isometric gameplay.

There are probably more that I could note, but that should get you started for now.


Life is Strange!



We happy few! Dystopian procedurally generated survival stealth game I mean what else could you really ask for


I did not know that it implemented procedurally generated content. Might have to take a look at this one.