Something I made on a night I couldn't sleep


The title says it all I guess. This was something I made one night when I couldn’t sleep. The work is heavily inspired by the works of David Lynch. Let me know what you think of it. I got a camera for the first only a couple of months ago and I’m still learning. Cheers.


ehm… okay…
This was… something you made on a night you couldn’t sleep.
I liked the vibe that you had, I liked the naration, just not the way it was done. And then the end just threw out that whole vibe that I liked and that you captured quite well and went weird with it.
I’m looking forward to something you’ll make with more thought beforehand. Keep it up.


It’s just really random :slight_smile: But I have to say, at the beginning, when I heard that weird voice, I felt pretty scared. I was watching the movie at night, so it was plus points to the vibe of whole experience. But overall I like those shots and movement of the camera. It have some kind of atmosphere. I am not big fan of horrors, but I am fan of ATMOSPHERE in movies :wink: so I am waiting for your next project! :smiley:


Shots are really dark,maybe just the way the playback is.Needs polish but you you have an idea,try rethinking and reshooting it.Try storyboarding your story and see what you come up with.


First of all this was a really creepy video! Really well done, especially with the weird voice over. The only thing I did not like was the ending. I was pretty scared by the sudden face and creepy voices.