Sound Gun Series Ep #2: FOLEY - Official Discussion!


For long time followers of RJFS, you may recognize this from our first few beta test videos! Here is the second installment of the Sound Gun series: Creating Foley.

And in case you missed it, here is a scene you can download from the Sound Gun short so you can mix your own foley! Keep in mind the things you saw in the video– clothes and fabric rustling, objects being picked up, footsteps, etc. Get creative and post your version below!

Sound Advice BETA TEST - Extra Credit

Ugh I guesss I can do the extra credit!


Whoa throwback haha I can try the extra credit again! :laughing:



Something like this :smile:

PS. This type of «Practical homework» really does the thing! I’d never start to learn mixing before it’s a deadline or something


Nice work!! The cloth syncs well and is cleanly recorded. I really liked the metallic elements you used for the sound gun pack too!

There’s a bit of high-frequency rustling around 13 seconds that isn’t particularly motivated by Clint (which could be muted or lowered in level). There’s a bit of a bassy air puff on the impact at 14 seconds, which is very common when recording that kind of sound. You can make it sound cleaner with an equalizer (EQ) and removing some of the lower frequencies to get rid off the bassy quality.

Really solid work! :smile:


Really nicely done! I love the attention to subtle detail for the really small movements, and the sync on Clint pulling the shirt down is particularly dead-on.

I feel like the first time Clint flips over with the pillow could use a heavier impact closer to what you have when he gets up.

Great work! It’s recorded well and the editing is legit solid!!


Thanks Kevin!
I’ve been recording with my Takstar SGC-598 and canon 600d. And it has really a lot of noice. I reduced it in Audition.

How can I improve the quality of sound before post? Is it better to buy an zoom Mic as a external recorder(with takstar) or it’s better to buy a better shotgun( like rode video mic pro)?

If zoom mic. Is it better to buy ZH1 or get more money and buy ZH4n?


My suspicion is that a lot of the noise is coming from the camera side of things. There’s a few ways you could go about upgrading your equipment, so instead of a single answer I’ll list a couple options and explain the strengths:

If you’re looking at doing recording for production while shooting in addition to post-production stuff like foley, a portable recorder like a Zoom would be the most versatile and cost-efficient. The H1 should have a mini-jack input (please double-check! I’m on set and unfortunately can’t easily Googlr everything atm), but the H4n and H6 have the options for XLR and 1/4" inputs, which most professional mics require. If you’re also looking at upgrading microphones, I would not recommend the H1.

If you’re looking at post recording only, a cheaper option may be a computer audio interface like an M-Box, which connects to your computer and can take XLR inputs.


Thanks Kevin, your word means a lot to me.


Yeah, H1 has mini-jack input. I’ll turn my head to the H4n for future.
Thanks for such a detailed response!


I’ve been using the H6 on RocketJump: The Show, and it has some significant advantages over the H4, so keep a price watch out when you get around to making a purchase. The H6 boots up significantly faster, has longer battery life, and most importantly has actual knobs for controlling record level (as opposed to volume buttons) which are a lot easier to use, and keep handling noise down if you’re using the built-in stereo mics. The H4 will still work fine, however!


I have a bit of a dilemma in that I only have a USB mic and as a result I have a lot of background noise from the computer I’m recording on, any suggestions for a way around this problem or equipment that wouldn’t be too expensive but still good quality?


Here is my attempt!


I just used my smartphone so maybe try that? Apart from that I don’t know :confused:


Is there any way to get the mic on the other side of a door or wall, or can you drape a blanket over your computer while you record?


Nice, there’s some good stuff in there! My main note would be that the foley sounds a little dull or muted, and there’s a couple things you might be able to do to quickly and easily address this:

  • Microphone proximity matters a lot on quiet stuff, so if it’s possible to perform the sounds closer to the microphone, this might result in fuller-sounding recordings.

  • Software-side, if you have an EQ (equalization) option, it might be worth trying to use this to boost the levels of the mid-high and high frequencies in the sounds. This is often a useful trick for making duller-sounding recordings feel a bit more bright and present. I personally do this all the time with foley, since soft recordings are tricky to work with.

One other random note, while it doesn’t affect mono playback on smartphones, for users on speakers or headphones, it’s usually effective to center-pan foley (foley can usually be mono) so it sits front and center, where dialogue usually rests as well. I’ll sometimes pan foley to match on-screen action, so this is more just a general thought than anything else.


Thank for the suggestions, using a blanket helped a surprising amount.


Great! I obviously wouldn’t do it for too long as to not suffocate and overheat your computer, but a few minutes at a time shouldn’t be an issue.


I’m gonna put this here…again :wink:

May or may not be some minor changes!