(SSF2) Super Smash Flash 2 (beta)


Now I didn’t make this game but it has been around for a good few years and my friends and I have probably just as many memories on this game as we do on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl game. Now it is isn’t a big-name or made by some giant industry. But this game is a spectacle to honor it in the least.

It’s a fan-made copy of SSBB and is free to download and play. Recently I found out that there is a Online mode now which allows you to play online multiplayer with up to four people. The game also supports normal multiplayer only difficulty is that it has to be played with a keyboard so you would need another keyboard and to configure controls for each player that do not interlace with one another’s. Which I have a good many memories playing multiplayer with a single keyboard which is a scene :smile:

I’m kind of lonely at the moment and stuck in the final dungeon in TLoZOoT and TLoZLTTP and have a pretty heavy workload. But I want to put this out there for if any of you members want to play it or check it out I’m going to post/write a few tutorials for you guys so you’ll understand it going in.

Right now the game is version 0.9b1982 so it’s not perfect but damn near. There in all the years I’ve played have never been a glitch in the game only a few versions rarely crashed and those have been removed from the site.

I’m going to write up a tutorial below for you guys in case you want to try it out. If you’ve already read them or are fine with figuring it out on your own feel free to ask questions about the game or ask for 1v1’s or try to organize matches here. That was the initial goal of this thread but I figure its best to explain everything first. There isn’t any way for players to communicate in online mode so if you do want to I recommend using Skype or a web-based IRC client such as Mibbit.

[quote]##Tutorial Pt.01: Getting/Installing the Game

So the game at the moment as far as a standalone application, version 0.9b1982 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is also a browser-based version of the game.

I am currently running windows so I have tested the windows version which is almost flawless aside from some math that probably could have been changed in the code. I cannot speak for the Mac or Linux versions though. The game runs on adobe flash though so when you play the standalone version it is adobe flash still.

If you want to play the game in the browser you can go to the official link at McLeodGaming.com/Games/SSF2. However if you want to download the game you can go to McLeodGaming.com/Games/SSF2/Downloads, or use the links below.


For those confused by the instant.io next to the download link. The initial official releases come off a small server that crashes often and gives the error 500 pretty often while trying to download. So the initial link is to the official link and the instant.io one is a webtorrent mirror. Which is legal first of all, second it needs to be on a recent version of opera, FireFox, or Chrome in order to run, browsers based off of Chrome code such as Chromium and Torch work as well, once based on firefox like IceWeasel though I’m not as sure.

The way it works is I have the file and my browser will communicate that file directly to yours without putting the files in any servers. The links should be plenty valid for a good while. Once I stop seeding/uploading I’ll take down the instant.io links and probably upload the files to dropbox or google drive. I just didn’t have time for that while writing this up and my dropbox and google drive are a mess and full so I need to organize them and clear em out.

When using instant.io though you have to wait for the file to download into your browser and then there will be details about the torrent and it should say that it is seeding it. Now you should see a download link like this “Download [Filename]”. You obviously CAN download the file and close the tab BUT if it you leave the tab open you can help seed/upload the files to anyone else using the same link you used. You won’t be the only one though I will too be uploading/seeding so you and can share the bandwidth strain if you wish. It’d be a nice gesture at least to leave the tab open for a few hours :)

Also aparently the Mac version does have issues and there is a page the McLeod mentions to go to for a fix.

[quote]##Tutorial Pt.02: Playing the Game

Mkay so if you followed the above tutorial you are either on the McLeodGaming website or on your computer with the standalone version. It’s the same game though so there is no problems, everything is exactly the same in both types aside from lag that you so obviously suffer from if you’re on the browser version :/

Anyway still the same game, so I’ll go over setting up a game here though if you’ve ever played a Smash Bros. game you really don’t need this.

Once the game is loaded there’ll be a few announcements and then the intro plays. Click “Play” and then there are a few options: Group, Online, Data, Options, Vault, and Solo. I’ll just go over setting up a regular match which is under Group so click Group to continue. There’s Versus, Special Versus, and Rules. Just go to Versus and the character selection menu will pop up. There will be a red player 1 case with a “P1” button in the middle of it and some computers. If you want to remove a computer click in the top left corner of their box till it says “N/A” and for multiplayer do it till it says “HMN” which stands for human.

Take the button in the middle of the box and drag it over your desired character and then look in the top right corner of the screen and click the white header. The settings for the match will pop-up and you can click the game controller to edit your controls which I recommend.

Then go back and hit enter and choose a stage and you’re set :)[/quote]

[quote]##Tutorial Pt.03: Online Play Setup

First you need to have a registered account with McLeodGaming.com so go to http://mgn.mcleodgaming.com/account/register to make your account and then verify it. Then log into http://mgn.mcleodgaming.com and go to manage games. There will be SSF2 (Super Smash Flash 2) as an option. Add that game and then close the tab.

Now go the game (any version) and go to the Online button in the main menu. It’ll ask you to log in. Use the information you just filled out in the previous webpage and hit login.

Once you have that down you have two options: A to select join room or B to create a room. If you create a room just make a name for it and make sure that name is more than 3 characters otherwise the room won’t be made.

All you need then is to put in a password and select your character have the settings ready and choose a stage while you wait for your partner/challenger. If you want anyone to be able to join your room just put the password in the room name. Once a room is left empty though it is gone for ever so there isn’t really a problem.

If you join a room after you choose your character it will take you to a waiting room and you simply wait till the host is ready.