Star Wars Hype!


Nothing excites me more than Star Wars, absolutely nothing.

Here are a few things to get you excited for Rogue One!

Official Trailer

My personal favorite star wars song

My vote for the best scene in force awakens

My vote for the best star wars scene of all time

Counting down the days until it hits theatres

Bonus clip:


I love Star Wars. I was part of a Star Wars fan film, called Threads of Destiny. Created the overall story and wrote the first draft of it. It’s on Youtube if you want to watch it.


nice that you can still get excited. My hype and passion for SW died with TFA. :cry:


Link link link! (Feel free to start your own thread in #shoot-the-breeze:show-tell)


The music cue you’ve chosen is such a nice suite, I love these end credits tracks, it has all the 3 big hits from the movie, Han&Leia’s, Yoda’s and Vader’s themes.
it was so nice to hear Han & Leia’s theme somberly return in TFA, it was quiet, melancholic, subdued in the few moments Han and Leia interacted with each other.
The funny thing is that around the time the first came out John Williams had thought that Luke and Leia are going to be lovers, so he had wrote a passionate love theme for them just to entertain himself which never saw the light of day as we all now how the story progressed :smiley: